Take note of the top tips for what to look for and how to find the best air conditioning installer and service.

To make sure that your brand new air con unit doesn’t leave you even hotter under the collar, it’s key that you work with the right installation company. And, if you thought that it’s a quick DIY job for you to complete over the weekend, think again. If the unit gets installed by someone who lacks the necessary training and experience, you could compromise the efficiency and lifespan of the unit.

Luckily, just by asking a few questions, you’ll be able to identify which installation companies are the better choice. As you work your way through these questions, it’s a good idea to get everything in writing. Not only will this refresh your memory of what was promised, but it will also ensure that all parties are on the same page right from the start.

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Factors to keep in mind when choosing an air con company

Here are some of the most important factors to consider when searching for a company in Sydney to install your new unit. These will help you narrow the field to find the best air conditioning installer near you.

Are they fully licensed?

A licensed air con specialist will have an ARCtick number. In short, this means that they have the necessary qualification to work with refrigerant, a dangerous material found in ACs. On top of that, working with a fully licensed air conditioning installer also gives you peace of mind knowing that they can advise you about how your system works, share tips for increasing efficiency, and which steps you must take to ensure it’s properly maintained.

Are they familiar with your specific unit?

How to Choose the Best Air Conditioning Installer02 - How to Choose the Best Air Conditioning Installer?

While the majority of air con systems are similar, there can be slight differences. So, you’ll want to double check beforehand that the installer is in fact very familiar with the brand and type that you’ve purchased and have installed that same type before.

How many years have they been in business?

There’s no replacement for experience. Not only should the installer be fully licensed and knowledgeable about the most popular brands, such as Samsung, but they should also have a few years of experience behind their name. As mentioned, HVACs contain hazardous material and for the sake of everyone’s safety, it’s best to work with only experienced contractors. Plus, there is also other heavy equipment and parts, including your unit, that requires some skillful handling.

Which areas do they serve?

Ideally, you’ll want to work with a local installation company. The reason for this is simple. If your unit should give you any problems down the line, you’ll be only too grateful if the company can assist you as soon as possible.

Do they include maintenance services too?

To ensure that your system continues to offer a reliable service for many summers to come, it’s key that you maintain it. In fact, some companies might even offer you the option to include you in a preventative maintenance program. The advantage of this type of plan is that it will be customized to meet your unique needs.

How much do they charge per hour?

Needless to say, cost should also be factored in. In Sydney, you can expect to pay anything from $60 to $110 per hour (excluding GST) for installation. If an installer quotes you significantly less or more, it’s better to continue the search.

What questions should I ask the potential provider?

How to Choose the Best Air Conditioning Installer03 - How to Choose the Best Air Conditioning Installer?

Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few potential providers, there are a few other, more specific, questions that you can ask too. The answers to these questions will help you to determine which shortlisted candidate will be the best air conditioning installer for you.

  • How many technicians will be present for the installation?
  • Do you offer any insurance for your services?
  • Do you offer any guarantees on your workmanship?
  • Do you have a portfolio that I may view?
  • Do you have any references that I may contact?
  • How many hours will you need to complete the installation?
  • How does the process work?
  • Will you be able to run me through how the system works?
  • Will you be able to teach me about its maintenance requirements after the installation?
  • Do I need to apply for any electrical permits?
  • Which safety standards do you implement?
  • Do I need to provide any equipment, like a ladder?
  • Who will be responsible for cleaning up the site after the installation was completed?
  • Do you require a deposit?

The hunt for the coolest air con installer is over

How to Choose the Best Air Conditioning Installer04 - How to Choose the Best Air Conditioning Installer?

You most likely spent a few hours choosing the best air con system for your specific property and needs, right? So, why wouldn’t you invest just as much time to make sure that you find the best local installation company?

Letting an inexperienced contractor install your air con is a recipe for disaster. Not only can you decrease its efficiency, but you can also place your property and the safety of your loved ones, tenants, or employees at risk.

HunterCON specialists are fully licensed and experienced in electrical and air con installations. Located in Sydney, we boast more than nine years of experience. Whether you need a brand new unit installed or it’s time to service it, be sure to contact HunterCON at 02 8283 1105 or request a fast free quote online today.