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Trustworthy Air Conditioning Brands

It can be hard to keep your cool while trying to sort through the different air conditioning brands, models, and types of air cons available. You want something reliable. Efficient. Affordable. Built to last. But don’t all brands claim these things?

At HunterCON, we only work with and recommend the top brands to our customers.

And we follow that advice with dependable service and quality installation that will help you get the most out of your system. Every install is backed with our 5-year workmanship warranty on our labour, which is in addition to any limited warranties you get from a manufacturer on your new AC unit.

If you’re ready for a new air conditioner, check out the brands listed below. Better yet – call our expert team on 02 8283 1105 for a fast, free quote and to learn more about how you can get up and running with HunterCON, whether you’re located in Eastern Suburbs, South Western Sydney, Lower Northern Shore or Inner West Sydney.

Top Brands

Designed and made in Australia, for Australian homes, ActronAir ducted systems shine when it comes to eco-friendly, efficient solutions. Only use the cooling (and the electricity) that you need to keep things comfortable. With four models to choose from, all of which use vertical discharge for close-built homes, ActronAir leverages high tech for low temps.

Whether you need a split system or ducted system, Daikin has you covered. Reverse-cycle support and fast-acting heat modes double up on value for chilly winter nights. A wide range of capacity options makes this a top brand for homes of all sizes. Worried about unnecessary use? Flexible zoning brings cooling only to the rooms you request.

More than just a cooling device, Samsung air cons truly condition the air with a mind to extras like dehumidifying, allergen filtering, and noise pollution. Touch screen controllers, WiFi enablement, and mobile integration bring the tech side of Samsung into your HVAC for both ducted and split system units.

Schneider air conditioners offer market-leading AC systems to address the needs of your IT or telecommunications environment, including computer rooms, control rooms, and telecom rooms.

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What to look for when choosing between different brands

Whether comparing air conditioning brands or models, there are definitely signs to look for that point to the right choice for your home or business. Use this checklist as you conduct your own search. Or call the team at HunterCON on 02 8283 1105 for quick advice and a free quote.

  • Capacity: Make sure your unit is right-sized for the space you have.
  • Noise: Consider whether a unit that’s quiet (inside or out) is important.
  • Efficiency: Give back to the environment with a higher SEER Level.
  • Type: Adding ductwork after a build can be costly compared to split systems.
  • Location: Confirm you have a space on your roof, wall, or property that fits.
  • Filters: Check for extra options like HEPA or allergen filters.
  • Warranty: Look for at least 5 years of coverage on parts.
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HunterCON Electrical and Air covers you on parts and labour for 5 years for no extra cost!

Why Choose HunterCON

The team at HunterCON has over eight years of experience working with the top air conditioning brands. ActronAir, Daikin, and Samsung lead the way with installation from our licensed and insured expert crew.

We also know that no two homes or businesses have the exact same cooling needs. That’s why we offer fast free quotes online and over the phone – 02 8283 1105 – backed with premier service for every customer.

Multi-split systems have many indoor units connected to a single external compressor. This provides room-by-room climate control that’s ideal for the offices.

This system provides the advantage of complete temperature control without affecting the facade. Temperature zoning is made simple with a multi-split system.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sydney Air Conditioning Brands

What are the most popular air conditioning brands in Australia?

Most homes opt for split systems because they balance cost with efficiency. More new builds are being constructed with ducted or multi-split options during the build phase. This gives contractors room to fabricate ductwork or connections needed without disrupting an existing home. But for older homes looking to add or upgrade their AC, split systems provide more flexibility with less demo work. The most popular options are Daikin, Samsung, Actron Air and Schneider.

Can I add a ducted system to any home?

Most of the time, yes. The installer will have to check that there’s space in your walls, ceiling, and/or under your flooring to add the ductwork along with access to actually do the installation. Older homes that don’t have the space for this can benefit from a multi-split system that produces similar effects without all of the construction work.

Can I install a new air conditioner myself?

Not unless it’s portable, which isn’t really an installation as much as it is an unboxing. While a portable unit could get the job done in a pinch, it’s not a viable or efficient long-term solution either. You’re much better off making the investment in your home or business now with a professionally installed system.

How do I know what size AC system I need?

It’s all based on the size of your space. For a ducted system, your installer will help calculate the total space in the home to be cooled and recommend a properly sized outdoor unit with a compressor.

Indoors, things get a little trickier since you need to know the size of the room(s) you are cooling. You can use these figures as tentative guidelines when considering split or multi-split systems:

  • Rooms smaller than 20m2: 2kw – 4kW
  • Rooms between 20m2 to 40m2: 4kw – 6kW
  • Rooms larger than 40m2: 6kw – 9kW

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