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Sydney’s #1 Daikin Air Conditioning Supplier

If you’re looking for a blend of budget consciousness and powerful cooling, Daikin air conditioning can be a perfect fit for your home or business. The brand balances efficient cooling and reliable parts with affordable purchase prices.

But don’t think you’ll be sacrificing comfort for cost. All of the core cooling essentials are strong in every Daikin model – from ducted systems to split and multi-split configurations. The key is to find the right capacity model for your space and install it properly.

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That’s where HunterCON comes in. We’ve supplied and installed Daikin AC systems across Eastern Suburbs, Inner West Sydney, Lower Northern Shore and South Western Sydney for nearly a decade. We can help you choose the right unit, at the right price, with all the features you need.

And of course, you’ll have access to our 5-year labour warranty in addition to limited warranties from Daikin on parts.

Call us on 02 8283 1105 to learn more about Daikin ducted systems or to request a free estimate.

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HunterCON Electrical and Air covers you on parts and labour for 5 years for no extra cost!

Daikin AC options

The Daikin brand has been around since the early 1920s, so it’s no surprise that they offer quite a wide variety of form factors to choose from. With Daikin, you’re likely to find the right size system for your space at a price you can afford, no matter what you are looking for in a system.

Ducted systems

Not all ducted air cons have to be the same cost as a small vehicle. Daikin produces outdoor AC units for ducted systems at three tier levels to suit anyone. Generally speaking, higher tier (aka higher cost) units tend to have higher SEER Levels for efficiency.

Even the more affordable models have sound-control tops and high efficiency compressors. The DX16SA is made of high-gauge galvanised steel and a baked enamel finish to ensure it can stand up to the elements. This entry-level model is backed by a 6-year unit, 12-year parts warranty. The higher-end DX20VC has a more robust variable speed compressor that comes with a matching 12-year warranty on both the unit and parts.

Split systems

If room level control is what you’re after, split air systems offer ease of install and flexible pricing. Daikin offers six walls mounted models as well as a floor standing option with different design aesthetics and feature sets. All of them are reverse cycles, which means you can not only cool off in the summer but heat things up when winter arrives.

The difference in units comes down (mostly) to capacity. The larger your space, the more kilowatts of power you’ll need for the unit to keep up with and cool off the room. Daikin offers everything from small Zena models with built-in filtering technology at 2.5 kW all the way up to their XL Series for large open plan spaces.

Multi-split systems

Looking for the versatility of a wall mounted split system with additional units? A multi-split set up can give you flexibility and more. Daikin achieves this by combining more powerful outdoor condenser units with connections for multiple room blowers. Each indoor unit can even have its own temperature control, making it a great choice for efficiency and energy savings. The Super Multi NX comes in cooling only and reverse cycle options and supports up to 5 indoor units.

Benefits of Daikin air con

  • Highly efficient energy use across all models
  • Wide range of capacities available
  • Fast acting heat modes for extreme weather
  • Fine-tuned room control with zone or split capabilities

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The lowdown on Daikin air conditioning pricing

With so many makes, models, and capacities to choose from, there’s no straight answer on how much “a Daikin” will cost. There are also a lot of variances when it comes to pricing out a ducted system since this installation could also require fabrication of the ductwork itself.

The best approach is to always request a free estimate. Your professional installer will not only help you choose the right size and type of unit for your home or business, but they’ll also be able to price it to your exact needs. Most quotes will include the cost of both the air con and any installation labour required to get it up and running properly.

Go in-depth on installation costs with our blog: How Much Does AC Installation Cost?

You can use the table below to get a better sense of how the variety of models and pricing span budgets of all sizes. For an exact quote or information about other models, call HunterCON on 02 8283 1105.

Daikin Air Conditioning Average List Price
Ducted Outdoor Unit – DX16SA – 5.27kW to 7kW $2,000 – $2,800
Ducted Outdoor Unit – DX20VC – 7kW to 17.5kW $3,200 – $4,000
Split Unit – Zena – 2.5kW to 6.0 kW $1,200 – $1,500
Split Unit – XL or XL Premium – 8.5kW $3,500 – $4,000
Multi-Split Unit – Super Multi NX $2,200 – $8,000

For a Daikin air conditioning installed right, turn to HunterCON

At HunterCON, our hands-on team makes sure that every job receives the right size, placement, and installation for their air conditioner. We employ only licensed and insured electricians and air con specialists who are familiar with the ins, outs, and in-betweens of Daikin air conditioners to ensure the best install experience for our customers.

The HunterCON team is standing by to provide a quote for your Daikin ducted air systems. All you have to do is call us on 02 8283 1105 for an estimate that always includes a 5-year install warranty.

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