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Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

When evaluating your options for commercial AC, you have two major factors to consider. The first is the equipment being used. You’ll want to invest in commercial air conditioning installation with warrantied parts that will last and remain efficient throughout their use.

The second, and arguably bigger consideration, is the commercial air conditioning installation.

In many cases, the quality of your commercial AC system is only as good as the installation you receive. From design to demo, you need professionals that are experts you’re your exact equipment for a job done right.

Unlock year-round comfort with HunterCON air conditioning! Ready to upgrade your climate control? Explore our range of solutions today.

HunterCON Electrical & Air has been Sydney’s go-to option for commercial AC installation for over eight years. We back every job with a warranty on parts and labor, and we’re licensed and insured for jobs of all sizes.

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HunterCON Electrical and Air covers you on parts and labour for 5 years for no extra cost!

Behind every great commercial air conditioning installation is a proper design

For your commercial air con system to produce the results you want, it needs to be designed properly for your space. Large industrial and commercial spaces pose challenges different from those in a residential set up. For example, you can have wide open spaces that are difficult to regulate, thousands of metres of duct work to maintain, or specialized controls for every room.

Designing the space right from the start will set you up for a successful installation. Here are some of the key considerations a professional will use to create your plan:

  • How large are the spaces being managed in square metres?
  • Does the entire system need a single or specialized controls?
  • How much space is there for component installation?
  • Is there existing equipment or ductwork that requires removal?
  • What are the client’s energy consumption goals?
  • Are there concerns about air quality, filtering, or humidifiers?

Are there any common issues in the commercial air conditioning installation process?

Most of these obstacles should be identified during an initial onsite visit as a professional installer puts your estimate together. Here are a few common issues that could come up, though they shouldn’t put a stop to your installation.

  • Access: If a furnace or components are to reach, installers can take much longer to remove or install new parts.
  • Electrical: Faulty wiring or electrical that is not to current code could cause delays but should be addressed properly.
  • Space: Limitations in the building framework itself can make it harder to install ductwork or attach components.
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What to look for in Sydney commercial air conditioning installation provider?

Given the scope of a project like this, you’ll want to pick a professional services provider that you can feel confident about. But what makes a commercial installer great?

  • License and insurance: Make sure whoever you choose has the right coverage.
  • Years of experience: You want someone who has plenty of practice with systems like yours.
  • Customer testimonials: Don’t be shy about asking for references or for a tour of another facility.
  • Warranty coverage: Find out if they cover workmanship along with parts.

Go with the experts at HunterCON Electrical & Air

HunterCON can guide the commercial air conditioning installation design and implementation process for your project. Whether you need a completely new system for a new space or need to upgrade components for an existing set up, our team can help!

With over eight years of experience in Sydney, our licensed and insured technicians can help you install an efficient and cost-effective solution for your business. We back all of our projects with a warranty on both parts and labour, so you can be assured of having a quality system that lasts.

For your free and fast estimate, call us on 02 8283 1105.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Air Conditioning Installation in Sydney

Can I add onto an existing system to accommodate a larger space?

Yes, but the installer should evaluate the space onsite with you. If the new space is separated from the existing area, you might do well to install a separate AC system for it. However, if you are expanding an existing area and adding to the number of square metres that it will need to cover, you may need additional power or ductwork added to ensure that it is right sized.

Am I going to pay extra for emergency services?

That depends on your contract, and if you are worried about this, you may want to bring it up from the start. Some HVAC companies will include 24/7 emergency services as part of an annual maintenance package. Others have teams on standby in case a commercial system causes a problem. Hopefully with regular maintenance, you won’t have a need for this.

How do I choose the right type of AC system for my facility?

You can likely leave this recommendation to the experts. A professional installer can assess your space and cooling needs and provide an estimate that accommodates it all.

If you already have ductwork in place, you may find that going with a ducted system makes sense. That said, if the existing materials are old, dirty, or both, the installer may prefer to tear everything out and start with a clean slate. In that case, they’ll also have the flexibility to design a system for your needs, not just your space.

Different types of commercial air con systems include:

  • Multi-Split: Connect multiple indoor units to the same outdoor component.
  • VRV/VRF: Use a variable refrigerant and inverter to cool spaces.
  • Cassette: Install on the ceiling with a suspended mount.
  • Packaged: Include all parts in just one outdoor unit.

Will I need to shut down my business to conduct a commercial air conditioning installation?

In most cases, AC is required to keep employees and customers comfortable and safe. While your system is being installed, you will not have access to air con. The units will be hauled away, replaced, and reconnected, which can take some time. If you have multiple zones, you can temporarily move staff to a different section where they will be more comfortable. You can also coordinate timing with your installer to try to conduct work during non-peak business times.

Why install a new commercial AC system?

If you already have a system in place, you might not see the need for a new system. But if your current solution is 15 years old (or older), you might want to start evaluating your options.

When systems age, they become less efficient for the amount of energy they expend to operate. The sunk costs end up on your electric bill, and for commercial spaces, this can get rather large. They also tend to cool less effectively, so you’ll run your system for longer but experience less comfort overall.

A new air con system can also give you the opportunity to install clean ductwork and equipment for better indoor air quality. This can cut down on health and safety issues around allergens and particles that can make many customers and employees uncomfortable. From there, regular maintenance will keep things clean.

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