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Air Conditioning Repair

How to know if you need air conditioning repair? When an air con unit stops working effectively (or at all), homeowners usually notice it pretty fast. These machines are important to our daily comfort, and being without one that’s working right in the hottest of months is no fun.

The good news is that in most cases, AC units can be repaired. If your unit is under warranty, you might not even need to pay anything to have it fixed. Of course, if your air con unit is a lot older, the air conditioning repair costs might not outweigh the benefit of getting a new system altogether.

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We know ACs inside and out. Literally. Read on to learn the key points of air conditioning repair in Inner West Sydney, Eastern Suburbs, South Western Sydney and Lower Northern Shore, what you can expect, and how we can help.

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How do you know if you need air conditioner repair?

The most obvious sign is that you’re simply too hot in your home while your system runs and runs. If the air con is not conditioning the air, something is probably not right. You can put your hand near the vents and, if warm air is coming out, you probably need an air conditioning repair.

Other signs that you’re in need of a repair include the following:

  • Weak air flow: If the air is cool but not coming out strongly enough to actually cool your space, you could have a problem with the fan, motors, or belts.
  • Water leaks: This could be from a malfunctioning AC coil or clogged drain lines and should be fixed to prevent mold, mildew, and rust.
  • Loud noises: A fan whirring is one thing, but extra buzzing or vibrations could be from loose parts or a broken compressor.
  • Strong smells: Your air con should be odorless, so if strange smells are coming from the unit or through your ducts, you need that checked out.

Do you need to go with a professional for air conditioning repair?

Absolutely! Most ACs come with a warranty, so trying to fix the unit yourself could void your coverage and cost you big time. They are also electrical equipment that can hurt you or others if you’re attempting DIY work.

Air conditioners have a lot of different parts that interface with each other, so it can be hard for an untrained eye to determine a root cause. You could end up wasting time and money trying to isolate an issue or swap out parts yourself.

When choosing a pro, only move forward with one that is both licensed and insured. Anything less, and you could find yourself with costly repairs stemming from your original repair. You should also ask for references to see what other homeowners have thought about their service.

How HunterCON Electrical & Air can help with your air conditioning repair

Our team knows how to repair any issue that might come up with your AC, no matter what type, age, or brand you have installed. HunterCON is staffed with licensed, insured, and exert electricians and aircon installers so you can have peace of mind that your repair will be done right.

We also offer a five-year warranty on labour, not just the parts we install. Our reputation throughout in the past eight years shows our emphasis on customer service.

We know that air con repair can be frustrating, especially when the weather heats up. That’s why we make it easy to get your issues solved fast and affordably. Request a free quote online or call us on 02 8283 1105 today.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sydney Air Conditioning Repairs

What should I ask a professional AC service?

Like we mentioned above, you should ask for proof that they are both licensed and insured to do the work that needs to be done. With this out of the way, you can ask the following:

  • How many years have you been in business?
  • Do you have customer reviews or testimonials?
  • What warranty do you offer for labour and parts?
  • Have you worked on a particular AC brand?
  • Do you take care of any required permits?
  • Are you a part of any industry organizations?
  • Will you remove and properly discard broken parts?

Can I fix my AC myself?

You should definitely not mess around with the inner workings of the unit itself. This should always be left to the experts.

But you can check a few things before calling out for a repair service to narrow down or eliminate some basic causes.

  • Check that your thermostat is working properly
  • Swap out the air filter and see if that helps
  • Rule out a tripped breaker on your panel
  • Turn off the unit to prevent additional damage

Should I just replace my air conditioner instead of repairing it?

This almost always comes down to cost. If your unit is still under warranty, it makes sense to have the manufacturer and service providers cover the repair and get you back up and running. Most of the time, you won’t pay anything for this.

If you are facing fees for parts and labour, consider the age of your AC system. Recently out of warranty systems may still have a lot of life left in them, and it can be more advantageous to repair and move on.

You may also want to ask your professional service provider for a quote for both air conditioning repair and for a new system. If the costs are closing in on each other, you may want to consider opting for a new air con with fresh warranties and greater efficiency.

What could I have done to prevent this repair in the first place?

While it might sound discouraging, there might not be a lot you can do to stave off air conditioning repairs. This equipment can get a lot of use, and wear and tear are normal over time.

Running your system only when you truly need it can cut down on usage, which can then reduce the wear on parts. Proper regular maintenance from a professional service can also keep things running clean and identify issues before they become worse.

Did my AC unit make my electric bill go up?

Seasonal spikes in an electric bill are normal if you start running your air con more in the warmer months. But if you notice your bill increasing while the time you run your system remains the same, you could have an efficiency issue.

First, check the air filter and replace it if it’s starting to get clogged. The system needs proper air flow in order to run properly. You might also want to check around your house to make sure your windows and doors are closed and sealed off correctly.

With that ruled out, a professional maintenance service might be best. A technician can rule out any other functional issues that are causing the system to run less efficiently. They can also provide some advice about the age of your unit. Older units become less efficient over time, and this could impact your utility bills over the long term.

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