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If you live in a house or have a business that was built a long time ago and you are concerned that the wiring is not in its best condition, then you may want to do new electrical installations to your property. A professional maintenance electrician is capable of all of this and more. Below, you’ll learn everything you need to know about electrical maintenance.

What does electrical maintenance mean?

It refers to the preservation and care of the systems and equipment that provide the energy to an industrial, commercial or residential property. It is carried out by the administrator or owner of the building or by an external electrical maintenance service provider.

The main areas generally include lighting, generators and surge protectors systems, which is why the technician uses a voltage meter during a building maintenance inspection. It also checks the structural integrity of the supply sources, as well as their internal stability. The maintenance plan usually includes the periodic replacement of the fluorescent and incandescent lights. Many property managers upgraded lighting systems with energy-saving bulbs and other modern elements in recent years.

What is preventive maintenance?

In general, preventive maintenance operations are also an important part of preserving a building. The goal of these regular evaluations is to fix and prevent minor problems before they become major, which is especially important in hospitals, factories and plants, which rely heavily on these systems that work continuously on a daily basis. These checks include scheduled inspection of major systems and equipment by a professional electrician.

Switches, circuit breakers and generators are frequently checked to verify the integrity of the wiring and the tightness of the connections. Electricians will make the respective repairs if they find faults. They will be responsible for splicing the cables where necessary, and can also introduce them into metal tubes called conduits to protect them from wear. To guarantee the constant flow of energy to the ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems, it is necessary to maintain the wiring in adequate condition.

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What kind of electrical maintenance can I undertake in Sydney?

Only the replacement of lightbulbs, as NSW Fair Trading states that an electrical license is necessary before doing any wiring work in NSW, regardless of whether it is commercial, industrial or residential.

According to its statute, this type of work includes the construction, installation, manufacture, maintenance, replacement, modification, verification, removal or repair of any electrical equipment.

Who should I hire to do maintenance on my property?

Licensed professionals often have at their disposal both the wiring diagrams and equipment as well as the building specifications and construction plans to make sure all areas are inspected In general, maintenance operations use various tools, such as hand drills, pliers, wire cutters, screwdrivers, knives and conduit benders, as well as voltage, amps and ohmmeters. All this in order to guarantee the permanent flow and without possible interruptions of electricity in the buildings.

Maintenance operators are trained to apply specialized test equipment and methods to locate and isolate faults in specific areas of a building’s electrical system. Substation components, as well as power transformers and the structure of transformers in the area, are frequently analyzed in a rigorous way. Verification procedures require adequate knowledge of circuit design and switch gears to understand how all the components of the electrical system interact and avoid serious errors that can compromise the entire system.

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Why is it important to get adequate maintenance?

Carrying out periodic maintenance checks in a building allows you to prevent serious unforeseen events related to electricity. Timely detection of this type of mishaps translates into savings in unexpected expenses, which can be very high, both in repair or even replacement of the equipment seriously affected by simple problems that could be detected and solved before.

Proper and convenient maintenance of key electrical components in the home is important in terms of home safety, as it not only guarantees multiple ways of protection but also their safeguarding. Here are four key points where proper and timely maintenance translates directly into home security:

Air Conditioning and Heating Ventilation (ACHV) Systems

The proper functioning of your home’s ACHV system is, in general, a convenience. However, there are cases in which the proper functioning of the ACHV could become a necessity.

Consider, for example, that extreme temperature variations, whether higher or lower on the thermometer in a home with young children, the sick or the elderly, increase the risk of life-threatening complications. These extreme temperature changes only depend on the malfunction of the ACHV system. This can be completely avoided with proper planning of the check ups to all its components at the right time, for instance, before hot or cold months begin.

Outdoor lighting

Ensure that your walkways and patios are well-lit for you and your guests at night, greatly increasing the security of your home.

When there is good lighting in the front of the house, it helps to deter thieves who always prefer to act when it’s dark. However, it is a fact that light fixtures, bulbs, and lines of your outdoor lighting require periodic maintenance and replacements.

Hiring an electrician to carry out regular checks will ensure permanent external lighting.

Fire Hazards

Home fires can be devastating to a homeowner, not to mention the possible loss of human or animal life.

Wiring-related problems are one of the leading causes of home fires caused by electrical breakdowns. The increase in temperature in the wiring can, over time, degrade its protective covering to the point of breaking it completely, causing failures.

If this happens, the uninsulated wires are at risk of coming into contact with each other, creating short circuits that start fires right there, inside your home’s walls, or in other areas where these lines pass. Some signs that your wiring is deteriorated and old are occasional electrical shocks that occur when plugging in an appliance or simply touching it while it is plugged in, constant tripping of breaker switches and brown and aged plugs or sockets.

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