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Quick Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

With how much we have all come to rely on AC at our places of work or business, imagine the dread that kicks in when the AC goes down and you need commercial air conditioning repair.

No one wants to work in spaces that are uncomfortably hot. In fact, there are recommendations for safe workplace temperatures to boost productivity while safeguarding comfort. The Australian government has also endorsed the SafeWork NSW guidelines to keep work environments safe.

Stores and accommodations can also suffer from extremes in temperature. Guests who find their air con not working will request a transfer or a refund. Overheated customers will most likely just walk out of a too-hot retail shop.

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For these, and many more, reasons, quick commercial AC repair is of the utmost importance. At HunterCON Electrical & Air, we understand how a variety of complex commercial systems work and provide services to cool things back off in no time.

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HunterCON Electrical and Air covers you on parts and labour for 5 years for no extra cost!

Signs you need commercial air conditioning repair in Sydney

With indoor temperatures on the rise, you’ll want to rule out a misfiring thermostat or sensor. If all is in order there, but the heat is still going up, you likely need a repair on a greater scale.

Other than breaking out into a sweat or having tenants call to complain that they are warm, how else can you tell you need a repair? Here are some tell-tale signs:

  • Odd odors: All-in-all, commercial air conditioners should not emit smells. Musty odors could be mold or mildew (and a health hazard!), and burnt smells could be coming from overworked components. Both should be looked at as quickly as possible.
  • Random noises: Compressors and fans will make a bit of noise, but rattling or banging sounds are out of the ordinary.
  • Strange cycles: Noticing that the air con is kicking on and off all of the time? These shorter intervals could mean a problem with your coils or refrigerant.

What to expect with your commercial air conditioning repair

When you have a professional service come out, the first thing they need to do is diagnose the cause of the problem. They’ll need to access all of the units, wiring, panels, and perhaps the ductwork to rule out issues and isolate others.

Once they find a root cause, they will provide an estimate for repairs. This will include costs for parts and labour. If they have the materials on hand or in their truck, they might be able to get started right away. Otherwise, you’ll receive your quote and a service date for the final fix.

Depending on the nature of the repair (or how hot it is getting inside), you may want to arrange for alternative work or housing conditions. With a reliable repair service, you’ll be able to give your employees and customers an accurate estimate on when they can expect everything to be back up and running again.

Why choose HunterCON

The air conditioner can be costly to install and operate, so if something goes wrong, you need a commecial air conditioning repair that’s done right. At HunterCON, we have over eight years of experience working with commercial systems in Sydney and the greater metro area. We fully assess each system to isolate issues and identify any other contributing factors. And our repair work is backed by a five-year warranty on labour and parts.

You need your commercial AC working right, so if you suspect that something might be wrong, call us on 02 8283 1105 today.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sydney Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs

Should I replace an older unit even if it seems to be working fine?

It’s probably a good idea. Commercial air con systems that are older than 15 years will start to show signs of significant wear. If you chance it, you could start to pay for repairs that, over time, become more and more costly. If you are not experiencing issues now, you can use the time to research installers and systems with the latest technology. Today’s systems, such as Samsung, are also much more energy efficient than older models, so it’s likely that you will save on your utility bills with replacement.

Do the different parts for my commercial AC system need to match?

It can depend on the part. If you are under warranty, you’re likely to receive matching parts from the manufacturer and don’t have to worry. Many components in commercial systems are cross compatible with each other or sized to standards. But going with parts that match will help with efficiency and performance. A small wait for an ordered part might be worth it over the long term.

Is poor air balance considered a commercial air conditioning repair?

It can be, although the concern will be less on the few offices or rooms that are warmer than others and more on what is causing the issues in the first place. A technician will want to check whether there are issues with blowers, dampers, or ducts that can affect efficiency or cause the whole system to overwork itself.

Can you repair a leaking coil or does it have to be completely replaced?

Most of the time, an evaporator coil will spring a leak when it develops holes caused by corrosion. This starts with buildup that eats away at the metals inside, usually putting them beyond repair by the time they are detected by way of water seepage. It’s also worth noting that the cost to patch or repair the coil could be nearly the same as the price for a brand new one that will last longer and come with a warranty. For these reasons, a technician will typically recommend replacing this part of your commercial air con system.

Is replacing lost refrigerant considered a repair?

While the refrigerant itself isn’t technically damaged, there’s probably an underlying reason as to why the system has less refrigerant than it should. Finding the resolution for that issue is definitely a repair. Refrigerant does not evaporate, dissolve, or dissipate on its own over time. If your commercial air conditioner is not putting out cold air, any missing refrigerant has leaked out. The technician will want to find the leak, clean up the unit, and replace the faulty parts. It’s worth noting that most refrigerant leaks happen in faulty evaporator coils, so any commercial air conditioning repair service will include replacing the coil and topping off the refrigerant.

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