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Do you have a property where several people live or work and you are undecided whether to have a multi split air conditioning system? These air conditioners are among the most efficient that exist, will help you save space, and have high aesthetics.

Now, if you already have one of multi split systems and need to maintain or repair it, we are here to help you as well. Below you will find relevant information for all the people who want to have or already have a multi split AC in Inner West Sydney, Eastern Suburbs, Lower Northern Shore.

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What is multi split air conditioning?

It is a type of split system that can have up to several air outlets connected to a compressor, for which it is capable of cooling several rooms simultaneously, unlike a single split system, which just has one air outlet and a compressor, so it only has the capacity to cool one room.

The indoor units are connected by refrigerant pipelines and cables to the outdoor unit and can be standing on the floor or mounted on the wall or ceiling. A multi-split air conditioning unit can be connected to up to 8 indoor air outlets through refrigerant lines instead of a complex ducted system and has a single outdoor compressor.

The air outlets of the indoor unit are connected to the outdoor unit through condensation drain lines and power cables, apart from refrigerant tubing.

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Is it worth buying it?

In general, multi-split ACs are a good option because they are easier to operate and do not significantly affect the image of the facade where they are installed, since they only require a single external unit.

Can you run two splits with just one external unit?

Yes, even more: there are brands, such as ActronAir that allow up to 8 units to work connected to a single outdoor unit.

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What is the average cost?

It will depend mostly on how many areas of your home or business you need to cool since on that basis you will need more or less indoor units but on average it costs between $4,000 and $5,000.

How much does the installation cost?

On average, you could spend between $2000- $3000 just to install your multi-split air conditioning, but the total amount will vary depending on the company doing the installation, as well as the brand and model. Now, on average, aircon professional charges $83 per hour for installation.

On the other hand, in terms of materials, the most important cost to consider during installation is that of pipes, whose average price is $60 per meter. For instance, if you have four indoor units and each one is about four meters away from the compressor, you would be spending $240 for each one’s piped and $960 for all four. This without considering eventual expenses for brackets, poly slab installation and working at heights charges, if any.

How much does it cost to service Sydney multi split AC?

The costs of servicing are equal to those of servicing a single split system, multiplied by the number of units that the system to be serviced has.

Standard servicing for a single split costs $70 includes evaporator casing hand-cleaning, regular operational and remote assessment, condenser-coil flushing, and evaporator-filter sanitizing. On the other hand, premium servicing the above, low-pressure coil-cleansing, removal and sanitizing of evaporator casing, as well as blower/fan, condensate, and drain pan checks, can cost $160.

Thus, if, for instance, your multi-split air conditioning has 3 units, standard servicing would cost $210 and premium servicing, $480.

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Who can install a multi split AC?

The installation must be done by an ARC-tick-approved and NSW-Fair-Trading-licensed professional to guarantee that your insurance policy will protect you against any eventuality caused by such an air con installation.

It should be noted that to install it you will need to buy tubing to cover the distance that goes from each indoor air outlet to the compressor. You may also need to purchase a condensation pump to drain accumulated condensation.

What is the main difference between a multi split air and a ducted AC?

Both of them provide area cooling and heating but with different methods. Multi-split air conditioners use multiple indoor units connected to one outdoor unit, while ducted air systems have a single unit that sends cold or heat through ducts.

What are the benefits of having it?

Perhaps the main advantage of this type of system is that it will allow each of the people who are located where the internal units are to easily control the said units according to their respective preferences: raise or lower their temperature, change fan direction and speed, set their alarm, or simply turn them off at their convenience.

In addition, unlike Windows/Wall ACs, multi-split air conditioning allows multiple units to be connected to a single compressor, so, on the one hand, they don’t significantly affect your property’s facade appearance. On the other hand, the interior of your home will look classy and modern with each of these units.

Should I get a multi split AC?

If your home or business has different areas with people who have different cooling preferences, and are interested in the sophisticated features that split systems in general have, such as wifi, motion sensors, ionisers and purifiers, a multi-split air con will allow you to please all these people in the best way.

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