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Not only is a poorly installed electrical unit unsafe – it could be far more expensive than it should be.

The importance of getting high quality commercial electrical services increases when you have a larger enterprise. These units have to work across the business: kitchen, bathrooms, entertainment centres, storage, conference rooms, and more. Speciality lighting is another consideration for modern businesses.

All of the appliances and outlets need to be correctly linked back to the central hub for maximum efficiency. And this has to be done in accordance with the regulations and standards in Sydney. Another consideration is maintenance and check-up, which are also important in terms of getting the best results. Ultimately, if you get it right on the first day, you’ll have a lot less to worry about over the years.

We understand the complexities that come with commercial services. Whether you need a specific connection upgrade or brand-new service installation, our experienced, fully-licensed commercial electrical contractors is up to the challenge. Call us on 20 8283 1105 for a quote on your project today.

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When it comes to the installation of wiring, you certainly don’t want to mess around.

Every business owner needs repairs and maintenance from time to time. Otherwise, there’s a risk of electrocution, power cuts, and lower levels of efficiency.

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How do I know if I need this type of service?

You need commercial services if you own a business! A residential electrician might be able to provide for a small business. But for larger and more complex systems with a lot of dynamics in place, you need a commercial professional who is experienced with the installation of specific units. You’re also likely to get a better price as these providers are used to working in these conditions quickly and effectively and to sourcing the materials.

What areas will a commercial electrician cover?

A commercial provider will offer similar services to residential but on a larger scale and tailored to your individual requirements. Common offerings will include:

  • Hazardous area works
  • Commercial AC installation
  • Commercial AC repair and maintenance
  • Installations
  • Maintenance
  • Commercial upgrades
  • Commercial office fit outs
  • Commercial lighting upgrades
  • Commercial design and construct
  • Emergency power loss and urgent power restoration
  • Breakdown emergency
  • Testing and tagging
  • Emergency and exit lighting install and testing
  • Switchboard upgrades and maintenance
  • Security systems
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How frequently should I get commercial electrical services?

You’ll definitely want an annual inspection to be on the safe side. It might also be a good idea to call in an electrician more frequently than this for a checkup. Of course, you’re going to need to get a commercial electrician if you need a major upgrade. If you are in an older establishment that has aluminium or tube and knot wiring, then a rewire might be necessary.

You’re also going to need to do this if you need a larger electrical load than the current wiring system can currently offer. Switchboard maintenance is another consideration and you will need to get an upgrade every 15 – 20 years.

How can I choose a high-quality electrician?

If you want to get the most out of your appliances, then you should look for a provider that is local with at least five years of experience, offers a warranty, and is experienced in your exact area. Needless to say, the provider needs to be licensed and insured to do the contracted work.

On top of all this, you should navigate to the company website to find out what their overall ethos is. Customer support, positive reviews, and testimonials are something you definitely want to keep an eye on. It’s one of the quickest ways to gauge a given business.

Why Choose HunterCON

For these reasons, and more, you’ll want to work with us. We have nearly a decade’s worth of experience. We offer a five-year installation warranty and a single point of contact on every job.

Your work gets prioritised and you get all the information upfront. All operatives are fully licensed and insured for electrical, AC, and systems security repair, maintenance, and installation.

For top commercial electrical services, call us now on 02 8283 1105. Quotes are fast and free.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Electrical Services In Sydney

Why can’t I use a residential electrician instead of a commercial electrician?

Both are different specialisations that need to adhere to different standards. There are two primary areas where they differ.


Residential homes will use single phase power (240V). Commercial businesses will often use three phase design, offering maximum efficiency. This provides two legs at 240V and one leg at ~415V. .


Commercial wiring needs to be able to hold up to greater heat and pressure as well as corrosion. Certain commercial buildings will need to have backup generators in place.

If you use a residential electrician, you can be hit with a fine if the wiring is not done according to a commercial standard. There is no commercial standard per say The Electrical code AS3000 is across the board.

What are the licensing requirements for commercial electricians?

First things first: you need an electrical license to do any kind of wiring or installation in New South Wales. This applies regardless of whether it is commercial, residential, or industrial.

You also need a licence regardless of the total monetary value of the project. However, the type of license you need will depend on the overall monetary value. There is a $22,000 fine for doing unlicensed work as a sole practitioner and $110,000 for a company.

Can commercial electricians take care of air conditioning units?

Some operators offer air conditioning services, but this is only permissible provided they are licensed to do so. Electricians will need an ARCtick-approved NSW Fair Trading license to do the work. Otherwise, the only thing that can do is connect a single-phase AC unit to an outlet (which is basically nothing). You can’t install aircon units yourself as you will be dealing with potentially dangerous gases, and this will likely void the warranty. If anything goes wrong, you can’t make a claim.

How can I reduce my commercial electricity bill in Sydney?

The best way to do this is to first identify what you need. Only get three-phase power if your business really requires it since there are added fees. On the other hand, if you need the electricity there is little you can do. In the modern era, people want to remain connected and tools need electricity to operate.

A direct approach would be to upgrade your switchboard or do a rewire for the long term so that energy is properly distributed. You might also consider effective energy prices by powering down items that are not being used. Inefficient hot water systems (such as instant hot water) as well as portable AC units can be a major drain on electricity and are often unnecessary in a commercial context.

By installing efficient units on day one, you can reduce your energy bill for the long haul. The main ways for you to reduce your commercial electricity bill would involve:

  • Improving building energy efficiency
  • Using energy efficient equipment
  • Getting annual maintenance
  • Getting a high quality install
  • Using alternative energy sources
  • Seeking finance for energy efficiency improvements

What electrical safety features are required for commercial businesses?

A surge protector is useful for commercial enterprises because it protects sensitive equipment in the event of power surges. It’s especially useful if you own an IT business or hold significant amounts of sensitive data on servers (legal, medical, financial, etc). All modern fuse boxes will come with safety switches known as residual current devices (RCDs).

Apart from this, as long as your wiring, switchboard, and outlets are in line with regulatory standards and installed by a licensed commercial electrical services, you’re good to go. Just remember never to touch an exposed wire and to be mindful of the energy consumption of appliances.

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