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Premium cooling solutions with Schneider Air Conditioning

Your business relies on the constant flow of data and working IT infrastructure. So when you rely on the efficient performance of servers and IT centres, you need a brand you can trust. Schneider air conditioning offers market-leading A/C systems to address the needs of your IT or telecommunications environment, including computer rooms, control rooms, and telecom rooms.

Designed to reduce power consumption and provide high-efficiency performance, we understand what’s required for a server room or data centre to operate optimally and deliver leading Schneider air con fit for purpose.

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At HunterCon, we service, install, and repair a diverse range of air conditioners to protect and support your business infrastructure so you can access your critical business information without the risk of overheating, fire, or explosion.

With over 10 years of experience working in the Sydney CBD and surrounds, we have a strong background in supporting businesses, data centres, and office environments of all sizes. Our fully licensed and insured air-con specialists ensure your commercial setting is in safe hands, and with a 5-year installation warranty on parts and labour at zero cost, it’s never been easier to move your business forward with confidence.

To discover more about our range of Schneider air con, call us on 02 8283 1105 or submit an online quote request here.

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HunterCON Electrical and Air covers you on parts and labour for 5 years for no extra cost!

The Schneider advantage for Sydney and surrounds

At HunterCon, we partner with Schneider cooling system to supply, install, and maintain a broad range of power protection solutions. While it’s easy to think commercial A/C is used to keep customers cool or to provide temperature control in shopping centres, this excludes a crucial aspect of business operations – data.

As businesses continue to embrace innovative features like cloud connectivity, edge computing, IoT, and artificial intelligence, the importance of a fully functional data centre will only increase. At the same time, the continuous operation of data means higher temperatures and more pressure placed on servers, storage equipment, and connected hardware.

That’s where we come in. We understand what it takes to protect IT equipment that powers data centres, businesses, and commercial settings. More than frustration, outages in IT settings can cripple productivity, expose security threats, and damage vital (and expensive) components. Our Sydney-wide service covers a range of cooling solutions and piping accessories to allow you to operate with confidence.

When it comes to cooling mission-critical hardware, the cooling systems you choose need to be reliable, flexible, user-friendly, and high-performing. From discrete perimeter cooling units to precision wall-mounted systems, a Schneider air conditioner means finding the right preventative control for your space, no matter what you’re looking for.

For all Schneider Electric cooling equipment, HunterCon is your local expert. As proud partners of Schneider Electric, we offer support, repairs, and installation of all Schneider AC units. For more information or support, reach out today on 02 8283 1105.

Available Schneider air conditioner types

Schneider offers a range of in-room air conditioners designed to address and support the cooling needs of your office, industry, or IT space. In an unpredictable environment, trust the predictable support and pedigree of Schneider products to deliver high-efficiency performance and reduced power consumption and address the dynamic needs of your modern organisation.

Browse a selection of Schneider cooling solutions below.

Wall mount room cooling

A completely self-contained cooling unit, enjoy a quick and easy-to-install solution with no complex electrical wiring or need for a remote heat exchanger. Ideal for rapid deployment and available in free cooling configuration, these units are equipped with motorised dampers to cool your IT space with outside air.

Ceiling mounted split-room cooling

Enjoy the advantage of overhead cooling to save space and provide precision temperature control to meet your unique needs. As a split system, the evaporator (ceiling or wall) and condenser (external unit) are installed separately. Separate access is provided to the electrical board, mechanical compartment, and fans for ease of access and maintenance.

Close-coupled air conditioners

Designed to eliminate hotspots and improve energy efficiency, close-coupled cooling brings heat transfer to its source – the equipment rack. Moving the air-con as close as possible to the equipment rack delivers precision cooling and more immediate capture of exhaust air.

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Benefits of choosing a Schneider solution

  • Energy-efficient technology (to keep money in your pocket)
  • Multiple cooling system options for flexible installation
  • User-friendly and suitable for all commercial settings
  • Reliable products mean less downtime and disruptions
  • Protect your data centre or IT infrastructure with confidence

Pricing a Schneider air conditioning in Sydney

Prices for Schneider air conditioning systems range depending on the size of your data centre or computer room, the style of air-con you choose, and the complexity of installation. Keeping the cost of your next air-con installation or repair down means requesting a custom quote before finalising your budget, rather than taking average costs found online. This is crucial if your commercial cooling needs require a fully bespoke solution.

As experts across the range of Schneider Electric products, speak to a member of our team to learn more about pricing and how you can benefit from our service partner relationship. With 100% interest-free financing and fast quotes to help you understand your options, we’re confident in delivering an affordable air-con solution that meets the needs of your commercial space…and your budget.

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