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Ducted air conditioning systems are a great way to temperature control your entire home or business with a single system. That is, of course, until a unit decides it’s time for replacement in the middle of summer.

Great choices for a new outdoor unit that can retrofit your existing ductwork come from this supplier. Actron Air conditioning is Australia made to balance the need for wide-ranging temperature comfort with reduced environmental impact.

That’s just a snapshot of why we recommend Actron Air conditioning systems for our customers here at HunterCON. We have over 10 years of experience cooling off homes across Eastern Suburbs, Inner West Sydney, Lower Northern Shore and South Western Sydney, and we know which brands are the most reliable and effective on the market.

We’re not just air con unit experts, either. HunterCON is made up of fully licensed, insured, and expert air con installers and electricians. We back all of our work with a 5-year installation warranty for no additional charge. For help choosing your new air con unit, call us on 02 8283 1105 or request a fast free quote today.

HunterCON Electrical and Air covers you on parts and labour for 5 years for no extra cost!

Actron Air ducted air conditioner systems

Actron Air Conditioning knows that power usage and control are key to performance, proper cooling, and protecting the environment. That’s why all of its outdoor units for ducted systems offer novel ways to manage airflow and temperature just how you need it. Currently, ActronAir offers four model categories for ducted air conditioning systems. Let’s take a closer look together.

ESP Platinum

Designed for comfort, both the 1-Phase and 3-Phase versions feature variable speed control on their compressor. This means you’ll get more comfortable, more quickly, without worrying about straining the system to get the right airflow. They also feature a unique vertical discharge design, blowing air up and away from your home (and your neighbour).

The ESP Platinum model supports Energy Smart Zoning, so you can break your temperature control down based on the frequency of use with WiFi controls. State-of-the-art temperature sensors and integrated zone cards make it easy to implement zones without clutter. The ActronAir ESP Platinum comes in capacities ranging from 14.0kW to 21.0kW.


The Advance is all about power and performance without the noise or lack of efficiency that can crop up in other aircon brands. This model offers a three-speed fan for both the 1-Phase and 3-Phase capacities which means quieter and stronger cooling. The Advance is available with capacities from 12.0kW to 21.0kW.

In fact, the Advance leverages sound control technology to reduce the noise of overall operation with a vibration-absorbing compressor jacket. (Your neighbours will thank you for it.) Also supporting zoning, you can choose between analogue or touchscreen technology for your thermostat for exact temperature control.

ESP Plus

Energy savings with refined compressor management are at the core of the ESP Plus. Owners can take advantage of the digital scroll compressor which matches output to needs without overexerting and wasting energy. The outdoor unit for this ducted system also includes sound reduction technology and direct access for system management through ActronConnect. Single-Phase units range from 12.27kW to 18.64kW while 3 Phase models go from 16.88kW to 23.0kW capacity.


For a more budget-friendly air con that still provides robust cooling, the ActronAir Classic is a great choice. While it has a fixed-speed compressor, the unit is able to heat or cool an entire home with a wide range of capacities. While less energy efficient than some of its counterparts, the mid-range unit is built to last in the elements with the same corrosion resistance and louvered grille available on other models.

Benefits of choosing Actron Air conditioning

  • Top discharge and low vibration for close housing arrangements

  • Integrated sound reduction and external unit protection
  • Offers high-tech controllers, digital thermostats, and mobile apps
  • Focus on efficiency and optimal energy use
  • Australia-made for Australian homes, businesses, and climates

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Pricing out Actron Air conditioning

You can use list prices in the market to get a sense of costs, but you’ll always want to request a custom quote before finalising your budget. This is especially true if you don’t have ducted air conditioning in place already, since fabrication materials and time will add on to the price.

Wondering what installation could cost? Read our blog: How Much Does Air Conditioning Installation Cost?

The table below can give you a sense of what different ducted air conditioning will cost (excluding commercial installation or new ductwork).

Actron Air Conditioning Average List Price
Classic $3,000
ESP Plus $5,000
Advance $7,500
ESP Platinum $9,100

Compare other types and costs with our in-depth blog: How Much Does Air Conditioning Cost? [Price Comparison]

What about air conditioning unit warranties?

Actron Air conditioning offers a 5-year warranty for all of its residential products, with Australian-made parts nearby for when you need them. Their service and technical support teams are also based in Australia, making it easier to get in touch.

But parts are not the only aspect to watch for warranties for. Many terms and conditions rely on proper installation. That makes it critical to choose a professional air con installer that has direct experience with the make and model of the unit you want.

Want even more assurance? Only choose an installer willing to stand behind their work with a satisfaction guarantee or workmanship warranty, so you can have peace of mind regarding the installation, electrical, and fabrication work that’s performed.

Put ActronAir into action with HunterCON

HunterCON is ready and waiting to price out and install your new Actron Air conditioning. Our team helps cool off homes and offices throughout the greater metro area with friendly, helpful service and quality installs. Every installation is backed by a 5-year warranty for work performed by our fully licensed team.

If you’re considering an Actron Air conditioning, call the experts at HunterCON. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about installation, repair or maintenance and provide you with a quote today!.

Call us on 02 8283 1105 to get started.

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