Choosing the right time to install an air conditioner can be very tricky, but if you time it right, it will end up saving you both time and money. Different people have different needs – maybe your old unit just broke down in spring, or perhaps you’re doing a renovation over the summer holidays?

There are a few factors to consider to make sure your air conditioning installation is the most seamless experience possible.

Renovations and major works are always a bit of a pain, but if you do your research and plan for the best time to complete your residential or commercial air conditioning installation, you’ll be laughing when the summer heat rolls around.

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Install An Air Conditioner Before a Home is Built

This won’t work for everyone, but the best time to install an air conditioner is before the house is constructed. Many high-set or two-story homes don’t have the space to install fully ducted air system after building. Even if they have space, reaching up into the ceiling and down into the floors can be very difficult and costly.

Implementing an air con earlier will mean less plaster has to be cut later down the track. A good air con installer or HVAC professional should also advise you on the best location for the unit so that you can maximise cooling in summer and heating in winter. If the unit is built into your house’s design, you will save money in the long term. Unfortunately, you may not be able to install an AC when you are building or renovating, so picking the best time will be a matter of choosing the right time of year.

Install An Air Conditioner In Summer

If you’ve left buying your air conditioner until summer, you’ve probably left it until the last minute. Choosing summer to install an air conditioner is usually not ideal. It’s the busiest time for installations, so it will likely be more difficult to book an HVAC professional to come to your home. Meanwhile, you’ll be waiting in the sweltering heat with no cooling options.

Rushing into a purchase in summer also means you may not have had time to research to find the best unit for your home. It’s important to get a system that suits the size and shape of your house, so any rushed appointments may mean you’re left disappointed with the outcome.

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Install an Air Conditioner In Spring or Winter

Picking a month in the off-season is a much better time to install an air conditioner unit, but be sure to choose the right time.

• Although spring may seem like a good time to install an AC system, it is actually a very busy time for air-con installers, with many people thinking they are getting ahead for the summer season.

• Winter is a common option that many choose, but, despite some people owning fireplaces, many people still use their air con unit in the colder months, so new installations or replacements may still be crowding the market.

Install an Air Conditioner In Autumn

The best time to install an air conditioner unit is autumn, as the demand is at its lowest. After the summer, retailers often are overstocked with units, so it’s a good time to look for sales and discounts. You might grab a bargain picking up last year’s model.

• Fewer buyers mean that it will be easier to book an installer or HVAC professional. Less demand might also mean that you can secure a lower price.

• Thinking about your purchase in the off-season also means that you have more time to research exactly what kind of system will work for your property. It can even be a good idea to get multiple evaluations and quotes for your house so you can shop around and get the best deal possible.

• By having your air conditioner unit set up in autumn, you have adequate time to prepare and maintain the unit before the weather starts getting warm again.

Choosing the right time to buy an air conditioner unit will save you time and money and make the process less of a rush to make the best decisions for your home.

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