Wondering how long does air conditioner take to install? You shouldn’t have to sweat getting a new air con installed for too long with a few quick and flexible types to choose from.

When it’s sweltering outside and your air conditioner is on the fritz, the last thing you’ll want is a long wait for a replacement.

While some can certainly be repaired, others might be well past their prime and ready for a new model to take over.

But you’re already sweating, and now you’re worrying that your new AC will take too long to get in place to keep you and your family comfortable. Luckily, there are a number of different options when it comes to ACs, and each has its own different time to install. And some might not be as long as you might think.

Read on to find out *exactly* how long does air conditioner take to install.

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how long does air conditioner take

First things first, it’s all in the type you choose

All air conditioners are not created equal.

Sure, they’re all going to cool you down to some degree or another, but how they go about doing so can be quite different. The complexity of your air con installation and the size of your system are the two main factors that will affect how does air conditioner take to install.

And for this, it all comes down to the type you choose. Let’s review the available types:

Ducted systems

If your home is already outfitted with central air con, then you probably have what is called a ducted air con system. This brings duct work throughout out the home and allows a single unit to pass air through a compressor, cool it, and blow it throughout the home through the ducting network.

Split systems

For a split air con system, it’s all in the name. The system is literally split into two parts: an outdoor unit that draws in air and an indoor unit that releases the cold air into the room where it’s installed.

Multi split systems

Need to cool more than one room? Multi split systems can support more than one indoor unit, similar to a split system, using the same outdoor unit for draw in, compress, and cool the air. Most of these allow you to cool at least four rooms, sometimes more.

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Split systems: how long does air conditioner take to install?

install a split air con system

Let’s start with a split aircon system.

These are the most common type installed in homes in Sydney since they allow for focused cooling in a single room of your choosing. The outdoor unit is placed on the exterior close to where the indoor unit will be placed. The indoor unit is typically mounted on the wall toward the ceiling, out of the way of décor and other hangings. The two are then connected by refrigerant tubes so that the cool air can be generated outside and disbursed inside.

So how long does it take to get in place?

They can be surprisingly fast to install depending on the level of access needed. If it’s relatively easy to access the outdoor area where the unit should be installed, you can have a split system air con in just a few hours.

What about the time to install a multi split system air conditioner?

Consider this an expanded version of a standard (see above) split system.

In most cases, there is still a single outdoor unit that will be located centrally to the home. Then, each indoor unit will need to be placed depending on the room(s) you want cooled. Each will then be connected back to the outdoor unit with refrigerant tubes.

Since these are a little more complex, they’re going to take a little longer to install. After all, there are more parts and units that require installation in the first place. Expect this to take a full day for your professional installer to get set up and operating with cool air for you.

Are ducted systems the longest or hardest to install

Are ducted systems the longest or hardest to install?

That’s an interesting question to answer.

If you already have a ducted system installed in your home or business and you just need your air con unit replaced, you might be surprised that this is not as difficult or long of a project as you would imagine. Depending on how hard it is to access the outdoor unit, it can take between 4-6 hours to install the compressor and fan components.

Installing ductwork is much, much more involved. It can take several days to install ductwork on a new build, where all of the walls are still open and HVAC professionals are able to move around freely to cut and shape the ducting needed to deliver cool air to every room. That said, if you have an existing home that you want to convert to a ducted system, you’ll want to talk to a professional installer not just about the costs but for how long it would take to retrofit your home.

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