Can you install air conditioner yourself? Find out why it’s always better to call in the pros to cool things off.

With increasingly more homeowners in Sydney trying to reduce their energy costs, installing an AC is a home improvement project that might seem a bit frivolous. To help justify this extra expense and keep the costs down, it can be tempting to install air conditioner yourself, instead of hiring specialists. Though, can you do it? How long will it take? Are there any risks? Read on to learn what is really involved in getting things cooled off.

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How long does it take to install air conditioner yourself?

The duration of the air con installation process will be impacted by two main factors: the size of your air conditioner and the complexity of the job. For example, a split air con system is actually quite fast to install. In fact, you can have your new system up and running in just a couple of hours if the outdoor area where the exterior unit needs to be installed can be accessed easily.

On the other hand, if you opted for a multi split system air conditioner to cool more than one room, you’ll need to set aside an entire day for the installation. This type of air conditioner has more parts which means that the air con installation process will be more challenging and time consuming.

If you bought a ducted air con unit and you don’t have a ducted system in place yet, just installing the ductwork alone will take a number of days. And, that’s if it’s included as part of a new build.

So, to sum up, it can take a professional installer anything from a few hours to several days to get your air con up and running. Needless to say, for a homeowner who’s doing it for the first time, it will take much longer to install air conditioner yourself.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional air con installer?

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While an air conditioner actually does a pretty simple job, it’s a lot more complex than you would think. For this reason, it’s best that you hire the services of an experienced and fully licensed HVAC specialist instead of trying to do it yourself.

You’ll be able to rest assured knowing that the installation process was completed correctly. If you did it on your own, there’s always a real risk that you made a mistake which could cost you dearly later on, or, worse, place your family, tenants, or employees in danger.

What’s more, a specialist will also be able to offer other related services such as maintenance and repairs if they install an air conditioner for you. For example, by ensuring that preventative maintenance gets carried out, you can look forward to better efficiency. So, if cost was the main reason why you want to install air conditioner yourself, working with a licensed professional from the start can actually end up helping you save money. Not only will your electricity bills possibly be lower, but the lifespan of your system will also be increased.

How much does installation cost?

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Installation usually costs anything from $60 to $110 per hour (excluding GST) on average. So, for a window or portable unit that takes only a couple of hours, you’ll most likely not pay more than $500. Though, something more complex like a split system can cost twice as much, while for a ducted system you can expect to pay anything from $2,000 to $8,000.

That said, there are few factors that will impact this price. Just like the complexity of the job will impact how long the installation will take, so, too, will it affect the final total. For example, if it needs to be installed at a block of apartments as opposed to a standalone property, it will be more difficult for the installer to reach the unit. Also, extra services, like repairing existing equipment, can cost more.

How do you know if the installer is qualified for the job?

A licensed HVAC installer will have a registration number that was issued by the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC). This council is responsible for overseeing regulations relating to air con. When an installer has a registration number, it means that they’re qualified to work with the dangerous materials involved with air con units. On top of that, it also means that they can offer recommendations regarding general maintenance and can service the unit when it’s needed.

Let HunterCON take the heat off you

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Installing an air conditioner on your own is simply just not worth it. Not only can you jeopardize the lifespan of the unit itself, but you can also place your own safety at risk. It might sound like a straightforward DIY job that you can complete on a Saturday afternoon, but there are dangerous materials involved which make it a job best left to trained professionals.

The team at HunterCON are fully licensed, electrical and air con specialists. Located in Sydney’s Inner West, we serve the greater metropolitan area, including the Eastern Suburbs, Lower North Shore and South West.

Whether you need a brand new unit installed or it’s time for some routine maintenance, be sure to contact HunterCON at 02 8283 1105 or request a fast free quote online today. With more than nine years of experience, you can rest assured knowing that your air con will work for many seasons to come.