Knowing exactly the most utilised Daikin air conditioner remote symbols can help you run it more efficiently and effectively when things heat up.

You have a new Daikin air conditioning system at your disposal? Congrats! You’re well on your way to keeping things cool during the sweltering heat that Sydney can be prone to in the warmest of months.

But sometimes figuring out the best way to run your air con can be a little overwhelming, especially with so many different symbols to decipher. It’s almost like you could use a map or a guide to get moving through the various settings correctly.

Ask and ye shall receive! Our team has put together this guide to help you understand your Daikin air conditioner remote symbols and how you can best use your unit to cool your home.

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Common Daikin air conditioner remote symbols

Before we jump right into all the various icons and buttons that could be on your system, it’s important to point out that different models might have different settings and symbols. We’re going to cover the most common of the symbols we’re pretty sure to encounter. But if there’s some that you don’t have or a few missing from our list, don’t panic. You can also check your unit’s user manual or call out for assistance with your local air con experts at HunterCON.

    • ON: Your system is in operation currently.
  • A with four arrows around it: This is automatic operation mode, and your system will cycle on and off to meet the temperature you set.
  • Box with two raindrops: This is dry mode, and your system is working to reduce the humidity in the air.
  • Snowflake: This is cool mode, which means your system is working to lower the temperature in your space.
  • Sunshine: This is heat mode, which means your system is working to increase the temperature in your space.
  • Fan blades: This is ventilation mode, and your system is working to aerate the room accordingly.
  • Thermometer: This indicates the temperature you have set the system to maintain.
  • Tree and moon: This is quiet mode which lowers the internal fan speed.
  • Various fan sizes: This indicates how high or low you have the fan speed set. The larger, the higher.
  • Human flexing: This is powerful mode and forces the machine to run at maximum speed for 20 minutes.
  • Down arrow with line: This is econo mode and limits power consumption on your unit. It also changes the noise level.
  • Curved up and down arrow: This indicates up and down swing on the unit.
  • Weekly clock: This is a programming function that les you set the day of the week and time you want the system to run. It also includes a timer function.
  • Moon and stars: This is sleep mode and lets you set your preferences for the unit to run at night.
  • Fan in a circle: This is turbo mode and pushes the capacity of the unit to run at full power.
  • Thermometer outside a house: This is the outdoor ambient temperature.
  • Thermometer inside a house: This is the indoor ambient temperature.

What is the best way to program your Daikin air con?

Common Daikin Air Conditioner Remote Symbols and What They Mean 02 - Common Daikin Air Conditioner Remote Symbols and What They Mean

With all of these buttons and icons to choose from, how can you decide the best way to run your system? You’ll want to achieve a balance of cooling temperatures without sending your electrical bill through the roof, after all.

That’s what makes Daikin units so great. There are so many different modes to choose from that you can optimize the unit to run the right way at the right time based on your needs. For example, you can set a sleep mode to shut down the unit overnight when the heat is less oppressive while ensuring that you maintain a minimum temperature just in case things start to heat up unexpectedly.

Making use of programming cycles on a daily basis is also a great way to get the most out of your system. For example, you can program the unit to turn on shortly before your family is expected to arrive home from a long day at the office or school.

What to do if your remote stops working

While Daikin systems, and their remotes, are designed to last, issues can arise from time to time. And since remotes are a high usage item, it’s possible you might encounter a remote that stops working.

The first thing to do is check the batteries in your remote. You can do this by sliding off the cover on the back of the remote itself and popping out the included battery. Try replacing it with a brand-new battery to confirm whether it was just a temporary power loss.

If that does the trick, fantastic. If not, try toggling the power on and off on your unit to reset the system. Then, make sure you are selecting the right and applicable options on the remote. For example, some fan settings may not be available in some modes.

Certain that it isn’t the batteries and it’s likely not user error causing your remote troubles? Then you might need a replacement. Sometimes the sensors in the remotes can go bad, causing them to lose communication with your system. If you have a second unit and remote, you can try using it with in place of the remote in question. If that works, it’s likely you’ll need your faulty remote replaced. For help with this, and to make sure you get the right remote for the right unit, call out to your local air con specialists for assistance.

Turn to HunterCON for all things Daikin

Common Daikin Air Conditioner Remote Symbols and What They Mean 03 - Common Daikin Air Conditioner Remote Symbols and What They Mean

From remote woes to full system replacements, the expert team at HunterCON is available and ready to help you keep things cool when trouble heats up. When you get a new system from HunterCON, our technicians will walk you through how to use each feature and help you program your air con so that it will run as seamlessly as possible for you in your home. They’ll also go over any questions you have about Daikin air conditioner remote symbols and which ones might be the most applicable to your usage needs.

Every HunterCON installed air con comes with a 5-year warranty on the installation in addition to manufacturer provided warranties on the units themselves. This can give you extra peace of mind that you’ll have a reliable unit in place for years to come. And with over 10 years of experience helping homeowners and businesses across Sydney with their air con needs, there’s no problem or question we haven’t encountered and learned how to solve and answer quickly and confidently.

For help with your Daikin air con or to learn more about HunterCON’s service offerings, feel free to call us on 02 8283 1105 today!