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Single split air conditioners are among the most popular air conditioners in Sydney, and this is not surprising: they are economical, modern, elegant and, most importantly, they will cool the area in which they are placed.

Also, if you like this type of air conditioning, you could buy a multi-split system to cool all the areas you want in your home or business. Below we will give you information related to single split systems and how they compare to other types of air conditioners.

What is a split air conditioner?

It is a type of air conditioner comprising two units: an internal unit and an external one. The internal unit, naturally, is in charge of circulating the air that is cooled by the compressor or external unit, to which it is connected by pipes and which is normally installed on the external facade of a house or business.

The internal unit is mostly controlled through remote control (although the unit itself usually has at least one on/off button), thanks to which it is possible to set not only the desired temperature but also functions such as automatic switch-off or on and control the speed. fan, among other things.

How much does a split air conditioner cost?

The cost of the air conditioner will depend on a few factors like the size of and the brand you’re looking for. You can buy a split air con in Sydney for as little as $600 and as much as $2,800. You will also need to keep in mind the cost of installation of the air conditioner, so it will be a good idea to also include the cost of installation in the total budget.

You should expect to pay anywhere from $60 to $110 per hour (excluding GST) for a domestic job and $80 to $140 per hour (excluding GST) for commercial air con installation.

What are the benefits of using a split air conditioner?


Having a split air conditioner has health benefits. Modern split systems are very complex machines with a lot of added features designed to keep harmful and toxic dust particles, debris and polen away from you. This means your house will be less of a breeding ground for serious allergies or breathing issues like asthma.

Air conditioning also promotes reduced humidity, which helps in preventing mold and bacteria from growing in your house, while keeping away any dust mites that love the presence of dampness. Modern air conditioners and split systems come with HEPA filters, which are very powerful filtration tools. Overall, people suffering from allergies will find split systems very useful in combating harmful particles in the house.

Sydney does get very hot in summers and many residents of this beautiful city get frustrated tossing and turning during the hot summer nights. With a split system in your bedroom, you can guarantee yourself a good night’s sleep, ensuring you’ll be well rested and full of energy in the morning.

Low Humidity

Air conditioners help lower the levels of humidity in the house. This consequently means your home decor, paint and valuables will last longer as they will remain free from any damage caused by constant moisture, such as bacteria, damp and mold. You will also see a reduction in the overall property maintenance issues, since the humidity levels in the house will be very low. A house that is less damp smells nicer and fresher.


Air conditioning keeps the overall temperature lower in the house, meaning your electronics will be less likely to heat up, promoting the longevity of your valuable home appliances and expensive gadgets. Some very expensive tech items like laptops and LED screens are prone to heating up due to their compact casings. Save yourself some serious money drainage by having split systems installed in your house.

What are the best air conditioning brands?

Carrier, Bryant, American Standard, Trane, and Lennox rank excellent on the top brands regarding buyer satisfaction. Ducane and Armstrong’s rating is very good, as is Ruud’s and Rheem’s. The rest of the brands are rated average in terms of buyer satisfaction.

What is the best split air conditioner in Sydney?

One of the most famous split systems Australia-wide is the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Bronte SRK71ZRA-W, with an average star rating of 4.7 out of 5 on However, many high-quality split system models can be cost-effective. You can call us at 0282831105 to give you some options in this regard.

Who should use a split air conditioner?

A split air conditioner is great for people living in cities that experience hot weather. Split air conditioners are good for homes that don’t have a duct system installed. They are also relatively easier to install and are less expensive than ducted systems. From a practical point of view, split air conditioners are perfect for small homes, and studio apartments or homes with a limited space. They can be good for people who suffer from allergies or those who find it difficult to sleep in hot or humid weather.

How long does it take to install a split air conditioner?

Many of our customers ask us how long it will take to install a new air conditioner. There are different ways to look at it. If it’s a standard installation without any corrective work or complications, it will almost always be a 1-day job. In case you are simply replacing your old air con with a new one then one day will definitely be enough.

However, if there is work outside the usual ‘standard’ processes, then it will depend on how much extra work is required. However, it is still likely that the entire job will be completed within one day and only the most complex jobs will probably require some extra hours.

Some of the factors that can impact the overall installation time include:

  • Crawlspace or attic installations
  • Drilling in concrete walls
  • Any electrical issues
  • Installation of lineset through finished living spaces

What does the installation process for a split air conditioner look like?

Air conditioners are relatively complex appliances and they require a trained professional to handle the installation process. Here is what to expect from the entire installation process.

Removal of the Old System

Many times there is already an old system that needs to be first removed before the new installation can commence. This will not be a simple task of just taking out the air conditioner and tossing it aside. There will be a number of components in the old air conditioner that will need to be disposed properly, such as the refrigerant. Our professional staff will manage this on their own. In fact, this will be one of the most time consuming parts of the entire process, as they tend to be arduous and require some care and attention. Special care is taken to ensure nothing gets knocked out of place. The space will also need to be prepared for the new system, including the indoor as well as the outdoor units.

Making the Connections

Once the new air conditioner has been installed properly, the technicians will connect it to start working. Unlike ducted systems or window air conditioners, the process for split systems is much simpler. Our professionals know exactly how to do the installation safely. They will also look at all the electrical connections needed for the air conditioner to work.

Testing the Split System

The final step of air conditioner installation is very crucial. We will turn on the split system and measure the intake as well as the airflow to see if everything is operating as it should. We will ensure there are no safety hazards and the system is doing everything it’s supposed to.

These are just some broad steps to give you an idea of the entire split system installation process. The entire process actually starts from a few days in advance, with the proper sizing and selecting of the system for your house or the room you want the split air conditioner to be installed.

What to watch out for when choosing a split air conditioner?

Split systems can vary a lot in many factors, including price, energy efficiency and cooling capacity. Below are some of the things you’ll need to keep in mind when buying a split system:

Size of the Room

The size and capacity of your air con will need to be as per the size of your room. You will have to choose an air conditioner having the right capacity according to the room space. In case the room is bigger than the capacity of the air conditioner, you will not be able to get proper dehumidification. A unit with too high cooling capacity will turn on and off too frequently whereas a small one will cost more in energy consumption.


To get the most out of your air conditioning unit, it needs to be installed properly. A split AC comes with a compressor unit that sits outside the house and an indoor unit that is attached inside the room. This design allows for a better airflow. We recommend that you always get this system installed by a professional, to avoid any hassle or issues after installation. The performance parameters of an air con depends on a good or bad installation.

Noise Control

Noise is an important aspect to consider when buying an air conditioner. Each air conditioner comes with a noise level of operation in the product specifications. Ideally, you should go for an air cn with noise levels of under 50dB. Having a split air conditioner with too much noise can ruin your sleep as well as annoy your neighbours. Most of the modern split systems are very good in keeping the noise to a minimum.

Energy Efficiency

Air conditioners come with a star rated energy efficiency rating, also known as EER. All air conditioners need to have an energy rating label on them which uses stars to rate their efficiency. The more stars on the label, the better. ACs having higher stars will also consume much less power, meaning that you’ll be saving more on the electricity bills.

Inverter Technology

An inverter air conditioner is worth investing in if you’re looking for a better and consistent cooling along with energy efficiency. While inverter ACs are a little more expensive than the regular ones, they do have one third less power consumption. You will see the extra money evened out in approximately two years of electricity bills savings. Nowadays, you can even get dual inverter models that promote better cooling as well as precise energy control.

Air Quality

It is essential to be mindful of the indoor air quality when installing air cons at home as the ones with a good filter are very important in improving the indoor air quality. ACs nowadays have air filters that help remove odours, germs and smoke from the air. Having good filters will not only ensure clean air, but also enhance the energy efficiency and cooling performance of air conditioners, by stopping the choking of evaporator coils that happen due to dust.

Blower Size

Blower fans are an integral part of the air con system and something all air con owners need to be familiar with. A bigger size blower will result in a stronger air flow of the air con. Airflow ensures there is no feeling of suffocation, since it directs the airflow in various directions of the room. Look for a split system with a good blower size.

Condenser Coils

Irrespective of the air conditioner type, they all have condensers that use coils to cool the air. The most popular type of coils are made of copper since they cool faster and are easier to maintain with a longer lifespan. Compared to aluminium coils, they also have a better heat exchange and are anti-corrosive.

Fire Safety

Most air conditioners come with P2 protected capacitors, which have the highest level of safety features with things like self-healing properties and overpressure disconnection. For added safety, they come with a protective metal casing around the electrical circuit box. Always make sure whichever brand and model you buy complies with the best fire safety standards.

Quality Over Features

We sometimes see customers asking about unpopular brands simply because they have a lot of features and come at a lower price point. Even though a variety of different brands sell air conditioners these days with some very attractive features, we always recommend our customers to go for a reliable brand over a substandard one with many features at a low price. It’s better to go for a basic model of a brand that is well known in the industry.

Look at the Warranty

Every manufacturer has a different warranty policy. So, when you’re buying a new split unit, it will be good to compare the different warranties given by different manufacturers. We can also help answer any questions around warranties and how the claim process works, should you ever need to use one. We believe our experts can help you get the best deal, since we help our customers buy and install new split air conditioners on a daily basis.

Why Choose us?

HunterCON Air is a great choice if you want to deal only with the most professional company when purchasing, installing, servicing or repairing single split systems in and around Sydney. This is so, among other reasons, because HunterCON Air offers you:

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What warranties do you offer?

We are very confident in the service you provide, which is why unlike other companies, HunterCON offers a solid five years installation warranty. We know you won’t be needing to claim it, but it’s good to have it for your added peace of mind.


Could I install a split air conditioner by myself?

Thinking of doing a split air con installation on your own? Just keep in mind that you’ll be dealing with some equipment that contains fluorinated gases. We strongly advise that they should only be installed by professionals, due to the hazards from these gases.

We don’t recommend you trying to install air conditioners on your own because of how tricky the entire process can end up being. Having a specialist like HunterCON install the split systems will mean that you will have seasoned professionals on your side that have the right tools and skills to understand how to deal with any surprises.

Doing the installation on your own also puts you at a risk of losing the warranty on the new appliance, should you end up damaging some part that is not covered. To keep your new split systems under warranty and in good condition, we recommend that you only hire professional help to do this job for you.

Is a single split air conditioner enough to cool two rooms?

Ideally, a single split should be used to cool just one room. With a multi-split system, on the other hand, up to eight areas can be cooled by allocating internal units in each of these spaces and connecting them to a single outdoor unit.

Do split air conditioners have high electricity consumption?

This will vary depending on the size of the system and the amount of time the appliance is used.

Moreover, using a 2.5 kW system for four hours has a daily cost of 47.6 cents, while a 3.5KW system would produce a daily electricity cost of approximately 80 cents if used during the same period. Finally, a 5.0kw system has a daily cost of $ 1.24 if used for the same number of hours at 24 degrees.

Is a split air conditioner cheaper than a ducted system?

Yes. Ducted systems are usually more expensive than split systems because the former can cool (or, depending on the model, heat) an entire premise. However, front cost shouldn’t be the only factor to consider when deciding which system is ideal for your home or business. Note that a single split system will only cool the area where it’s installed but since they are cheap you’ll have the chance to progressively buy the other units that will cool the other areas of your house if that is something you want. Moreover, single split system installation and operational costs are lower than those of a ducted system.

Is it necessary to service a split air conditioner?

Yes, it is necessary to do it at least once a year, first of all for health reasons, since if split systems are not cleaned periodically, they can get clogged with decomposing animals, bacteria, mould and fungi, which can cause diseases such as nausea, dizziness, allergies, asthma and other respiratory diseases.

In addition, an aircon professional will carry out actions that will increase the useful life of your split system, such as checking the thermostat and other parts of the appliance, as well as verifying refrigerant gas levels.

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How much electricity does a 2.5 kilowatt (kW) split air conditioner consume?

The running cost of a 2.5kW split air conditioner is about $0.22 for 60 minutes. On the other hand, the cost of a 9kW split air conditioner that runs for 8 hours at full power would be about $6.30.

What is the price of a 5kw split air conditioner?

The price of a wall-hung split type air conditioning system in Sydney is about $600 if you have it installed with a 2.5kW – 3.5kW inverter system. And $650 if you install it with a 5kW – 6kW inverter system instead.

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Can you use heating with split air conditioning?

Yes. High-efficiency reverse-cycle split-system air conditioners are the most effective appliances in keeping you warm in cold winter nights and the summer’s sweltering.

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