Learn how easy it can be to keep things cool by learning how to install split system air conditioning.

When it comes to keeping your cool in the sweltering Sydney summers, more and more homeowners are turning to air con systems to get the job done. And since not all homes come outfitted with complete ducted systems, you might be wondering what your options are for effective, affordable air con.

That’s where split system air conditioners come in handy.

They’re affordable, can service more than one room if needed (with a multi-split configuration), and surprisingly energy efficient to boot. What’s more, they’re not that difficult to install.

Of course, you’ll want your installation to be handled by the professionals. Air conditioners require electrical wiring as part of their installation, making it unsafe (not to mention illegal) to do your own electrical work. But the good news is that since their installation is fairly straightforward, you won’t have to wait long at all for your new air con to be up and running.

But first, what makes a split system air con special?

How To Install Split System Air Conditioning 02 - How To Install Split System Air Conditioning

It’s all in the installation method.

Ducted systems, for example, require an extensive amount of duct work to be installed throughout the home to deliver cooled air to the rooms that need it. In contrast, you can install split system air conditioning directly in the room (or rooms) that need cooling so you don’t waste energy cooling spaces that don’t really need it to begin with.

What makes a split system get its name?

The system that cools your space is literally split into two parts that are connected with wiring and pipes. There’s an internal unit that blows the cooled air into your room and contains a filter for allergens. And then there’s an external unit that actually condenses and cools air and pushes it into the house. When you have a multi-split system, the only difference is that there is more than one internal unit and you can manage multiple rooms at the same time (depending on how many you install).

How to install split system air conditioning in Sydney

We know you’re going to leave your installation to the experts, but it can be helpful to understand exactly how a system works and how it’s installed when you’re looking for the right installer for your job. With that in mind, let’s run through the steps for how to install split system air conditioning.

Step #1. Prepare the indoor unit

First things first. You have to decide on where exactly to mount the indoor unit. You’ll know what room you want cooled, but you’ll have to choose a place high up on an exterior wall for the most efficient installation. The best locations also have studs behind them so that the unit can be installed with more support.

With a location decided on, your technician will be able to get started by attaching mounting brackets to the wall where you’ll want the air con installed. They’ll also unbox all of the materials that came with the unit and make sure they’re ready for installation.

Step #2. Drill and run pipes and wires

Since a split system has two parts, they’ll need to be connected together for the air con to run properly. To do this, your installer will start by drilling holes into the wall to feed wires and pipes through. The holes will go from the inside of your home to the outside, which is why an exterior wall is needed. The holes are used to feed electrical wiring, tubing, and copper pipes through.

Step #3. Mount the indoor unit

With everything fed through the walls in the right place, the indoor unit can be put in place on the wall. The installer will make sure that all of the connections are made between the wires and pipes and the unit itself. They’ll also make sure that the unit is mounted at the right angle to allow for proper drainage for condensation.

Step #4. Install the outdoor unit

Now your installer will move things outside for a bit. The outdoor unit needs to be placed relatively close to the wall where the indoor unit has been fixed. This will help limit the amount of wiring and pipes that need to be fed from one to the other. Most outdoor condenser units are mounted to a slab on the ground to ensure that they are level and lifted out of and away from the elements like mud or rain runoff.

Step #5. Connect the two units

With the outdoor condenser in place, the installer can get to work connecting it to the wires and piping. The wiring is mainly electrical and used to power the system. Pipes are used to move the cooled air as well as catch any condensation that could accumulate within the system.

By connecting the outdoor unit to these fixtures, the two split units are now connected to one another. With everything in place, the installer will then seal off and around any holes and secure the pipes and wires to the exterior of the home so that everything will remain in place.

Step #6. Test the connection

Finally, you’re ready to start to cool things down. The installer will turn on your new split system and ensure that everything is running smoothly including the cooling as well as variable fan speeds. They will also go over any other tips with you for operation including how to change the filter and how to operate any remotes that came with the system.

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Is it expensive to install split system air conditioning?

The costs for this are going to vary because different systems of different sizes (and brands) have different costs. You’ll want to make sure that you have a unit that is big enough to cool the space you have in mind, and an installer can help you calculate this before you even spend a cent. From there, you should be able to get an accurate estimate on how much a system will cost, but they tend to range between $700-$2,000 depending on how much cooling capacity they have.

Keep in mind that this price does not include the installation itself. Installs and split system air cons tend to be much more affordable than ducted systems and can be more energy efficient in the long run as well. With this in mind, you can expect to pay, on average, between $600-$750 for the installation. Again, it’s best to get an exact quote for your system and job so that you can budget more accurately.

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How to choose an air con installer

How To Install Split System Air Conditioning 03 - How To Install Split System Air Conditioning

Installing air cons requires a special type of know how.

The installer needs to be a licensed electrician to be able to do the required wiring. But there are also other installation nuances including the pipes that have to feed between the split systems and keen understanding of the best placement for units. The best air con installers can also advise you on the best unit, size, and location for your air con.

When choosing an installer, look for a company that has specific experience with air con units of the sort you’re looking for. Steer clear of any newer companies that tout low prices but have limited to zero experience. Air con installation requires special understanding and a company with little to no experience can compromise your overall install.

You will also want to ask about warranties on both the units you are purchasing and the workmanship that goes into the install itself. An air con is only as good to you as its ability to run reliably, after all.

Consider the company’s social proofs while you are doing your research. Look for companies that not only have many years of experience but also quite a few positive reviews online. You can check their official website for this as well as sites like Google Business and Facebook, where past customers may have been likely to leave their comments.

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Keep cool with split air con installation from HunterCON

Split system air conditioners are pretty straightforward when it comes to installation, but you’ll want to make sure that your project is in the hands of the pros.

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