What To Consider When Installing CCTV Cameras For Your Home

By October 12, 2018Security

There are lots of effective security systems that can help protect your home from criminal intrusions – from alarms to security lighting. However, the problem with these systems is that if you are not home, they give the assailant plenty of time to steal your valuables and make an escape. Without any evidence, police will usually be unable to help retrieve what you have lost. This is where CCTV footage can be hugely useful. Installing CCTV Cameras

With video footage available, their chances of catching securing enough evidence to catch your thief is much higher. CCTV has other uses too.

For one, they are a huge deterrent for criminals. If they are monitored by a security service the cameras can give a clear visual of what is happening, this can be relayed to police accordingly (this helps reducing the number of false alarms). Here are some things to consider when installing CCTV cameras in your home. If you have any questions about security installations or would like a quote, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

DIY or Working With a Professional

These days there is a plethora of options for CCTV, with a wide variety of configurations and prices available. Some of these can be installed quite easily, and are sold as DIY systems. However, we recommend hiring a professional for the job. They will know how to install the system flawlessly and optimise it for maximum effectiveness. This will also save you time and money in the long run by eliminating any change of maintenance being required further down the track.

Type of CCTV Camera

As mentioned, there are lots of CCTV options available. These will either be wireless or hardwired. Wireless systems are common, however, they are somewhat limited in terms of what you can do with them. Fully-functioning CCTV systems are usually hardwired. These are more difficult to set up, but offer higher security levels.

Here are some of the most common types of CCTV camera:

Bullet Camera: These are cylindrical in shape and longer than some other types. They are best for applications that require long-distance surveillance. They are sturdy and provide high quality image.
Dome Camera: As the name suggests, the cameras are housed in dome-shaped enclosures. They are very sturdy and because they appear to be omnidirectional, they are great at deterring criminals.
PTZ Camera: PTZ is short for point-tilt-zoom, alluding to how the can be panned left to right, or tilted up or down. They are suitable in homes that require live monitoring of video feeds.

What Features Do You Want or Need?

There are a range of features you may want in your CCTV system. Some of the most useful ones include:

Wide angle lenses: If you want your camera to capture a wide area, but do not want or need a PTZ system, getting a camera with a wide angle lens is a good idea.
Motion detection: Some cameras are only activated when they sense motion. When a sensor is triggered they will start a recording, and send an alert to you or a monitor service.
Infrared technology: Infrared technology allows your camera to capture image in the dark.
App integration: Many cameras are app-integrated, which allows you to monitor your system from your mobile, tablet, or computer.
Storage: There are different storage options available, including SD card, hard disk and cloud storage.
High definition: Different cameras offer different output resolution. The more pixels, the better the definition of the image.


Once you’ve chosen your CCTV system, the next thing to consider is where you are going to place them. This may depend on what kind of camera(s) you have installed. For example, larger cameras may be more effective when they are highly visible, whereas smaller cameras may be better suited to more discreet areas where they give a better visual. Overall, CCTV cameras should be placed in areas that are vulnerable to criminal attack, that give a clear visual of entry points, and that can be easily seen by would-be criminals.

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