Australians experienced over 400,000 break-in events in the past 12 months, making home surveillance crucial. At the same time, you don’t want to overpay.

The home security system cost will ultimately depend on the type you opt for, with a single Wi-Fi camera available for as low as $200, right up to $2,500 for a wireless alarm system with 24/7 monitoring. Read on to discover the full price breakdown of Sydney’s most trusted surveillance systems.

With all of the time, money, and pride you put in your home, loss from a burglary can be heart wrenching and costly.

You want to feel safe and secure at home as well as confident that your belongings will be there when you return from a long day or weekend getaway.

Unfortunately, Sydney, like all major Australian cities, is subject to property crimes, most notably burglary or breaking and entering. When you care about your home and contents, it’s natural to look into ways to protect your home against this form of theft – with a professional solution able to provide the peace of mind you’re looking for..

But before you get started, you need to better understand the different home protection products available in Sydney. There are practicalities you’ll need to consider and how much different security systems will cost you.

Ready to turn your home into Fort Knox? Let’s take a closer look at these options so you can better understand the home security system cost for you.

home security system cost

Is a home security system worth the investment?

This depends.

How much do you value the protection of your belongings and the safety of your home?

It may sound extreme, but without a home surveillance system, there’s nothing stopping someone from targeting your property which leaves you at risk of vandalism, break-ins and worse.

Home protection systems in 2021 come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and price points. While these differences can seem to add complexity, it actually means that there’s a solution perfect for you.

With so many options available, you have the flexibility to choose the features you need in order to secure your home in the best possible way. This also applies to budget, so you can be sure to spend within your means while still benefiting from surveillance.

Advances in technology also allow for customisation on home protection products. For example, there’s been a shift toward wireless devices that can be controlled from inside and outside your home. While there is still a market for wired systems and they have their own advantages, the availability of simple and smart solutions has allowed many people to secure their homes who previously thought it was too expensive for them.

A home security system will have a hard cost, but the benefit of a secure home for you and your family is priceless. Even if you’re never alerted to an intruder, a surveillance system can deter a burglary from happening in the first place. Thieves may see the cameras and sensors and decide to take their crime elsewhere.

Planning your home security system cost

When you think about home security system cost, it’s important to spend some time doing your own research.

You’ll need to choose from a variety of available options and how you’d like to plan your setup. This, in turn, will have a larger impact on cost.

Some of the questions you should ask to evaluate your needs include:

How secure are your exterior doors, door frames, hinges, windows, and locks at the moment?
What exterior lighting should work with the protection system and where do you need them?
What real barrier (such as a fence) and perceived barrier (such as outdoor lighting) will need to work with the surveillance system?
What areas of your house should the protection system cover?
What devices will you want installed with the system?

Planning out your home surveillance system and knowing what each component will cost will enable you to better budget out the entire project. It will also allow the installer to provide a more accurate cost estimation.

Typical components that affect home security system cost

While modern protection systems look neat and simple, they’re typically a collection of integrated systems working to keep you safe. Many Australian systems include automations and smart integrations such as access from a device or your smartphone, which add extra protection but will impact the cost.

A typical home surveillance system will include:

Control panel
Motion sensors or detectors
Home cameras
Key fobs
Door and window sensors
Security screens and doors

How much will a home security system cost?

That’s the million dollar question.

Thankfully, a residential protection system is much cheaper than that.

There are a few factors that will play into the cost of the home security system you get installed. These include:

The components you want installed
Your location
The size of your home
The complexity of the installation

Below, we’ve rounded up the price ranges for the most common home surveillance components used in Sydney.

PLEASE NOTE: Installation is NOT included in the figures below.. This cost will range widely depending on how comprehensive or complicated your system is, with installation typically falling between $300 and $1,000. Be sure that any system quote you get includes pricing for both the hardware and the installation so you are clear on costs before you move forward.

Home security system cost: camera

The cameras help you deter intruders or capture them in the act if they decide to trespass.

These are a popular inclusion for home protection as some homeowners choose to include several cameras to cover different parts of their property or capture activity at every main entrance. Of course, the more cameras you add, the more the price will increase.

Here is a sample of price ranges for some of the most popular camera-based systems in Sydney.

Camera Setup Type Price Range
Single Wi-Fi camera of HD resolution and night vision. This will work on your existing Wi-Fi network $100 to $200
Installation and supply of a four camera system (IP66 rated for use outdoors) with an eight channel 960H 1TB DVR. This will include remote viewing via smartphone and other handheld devices. $1,500 to $2,500
A wireless system that features a smart base station, three indoor/outdoor night vision HD cameras that are battery powered, and free cloud storage. $500 to $1,000
Four HD resolution cameras with night vision and four channel HD DVR that come with remote viewing via smartphone. $1,400 to $2,000

Wireless home security system cost

For a modern wireless system, you should be looking to spend around $400 to $700 for a complete and foolproof system. This kit will usually include:

1x console (3G compatible)
1x wireless door/window sensor
2x wireless motion sensor
2x RFID tags (DIY install and expandable)
2x keychain remote controls

Price of a home monitoring system

With a home monitoring package, you will pay for a contract with a service that provides 24/7 backup surveillance.

If alarms are tripped at your property, the monitoring service will notify the police in case of a suspected trespassing of your premises. Here are the average costs for a home monitoring system:

Package Details Price Range
A standard wireless alarm system (including installation) of one alarm panel, two PIR, one LCD wireless keypad, a four-button remote, one door contact, a 3G SIM card, and one power supply and backup battery. Such an offer will usually depend on you entering into an alarm monitoring contract for an initial term that will usually be of three years or more. $1500 to $2,000
A wireless alarm system including installation as well as 24/7 monitoring that typically requires a contract for a set term with a provider. $2,500+

Price for security screens and doors

Security screen costs will depend on a number of factors, mainly down to the quality of construction. Watch for additional costs that could come up if your frames and tracks need to be replaced or reinforced.

An aluminium screen door will cost in the region of $400 to $550, with prices higher for custom work. A quality custom made steel door with stainless steel mesh will start at $600 but can cost over $1,000 for some of the top brands, such as Samsung.

Go for the home security option that fits your needs (and budget)

We hope these details give you a good idea of the expected home security system cost.

Always get an idea of what the market rates look like and then opt for the option that fits your budget and overall needs. The best approach is to compare 3 to 5 providers to find a quote that meets your needs.

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