Everyone is guilty of putting off some household jobs every now and then. But neglecting your air con system can lead to a number of issues, with many people noticing bad odours and wondering why does their air conditioner smell bad.

Technology to keep your air clean and cool comes in many different forms. Mechanical ventilation systems can be used in conjunction with natural ventilation to improve your home or business’s thermal comfort and air quality.

This is the process of replacing indoor air to improve quality, temperature, and odour. Mechanical ventilation also removes moisture, heat, dust, bacteria, and other harmful materials from a room. It’s an excellent addition for large spaces, which require more attention to cleanliness and temperature.

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air conditioner smell bad

What is causing the smell and why does my air conditioner smell bad?

There are a number of possible reasons that your AC system is releasing a bad smell, however, the most likely cause is a lack of regular maintenance.

Neglecting your system can lead to the growth of bacteria and fungi inside the air-conditioner unit that can deteriorate the quality of the air and can even potentially spread diseases.

While this is the worst-case scenario, there are a number of other reasons your AC may smell, including:

Poor drainage

Poor drainage can quickly create a bad odour in your AC system. Check where the draining tube is pointing and to ensure the quality of the water source.

Poor humidity

The bacteria that can develop foul odours normally prefer poorly ventilated, stagnant conditions where they can more easily grow and develop. These conditions can often be easily fixed by ensuring the regular circulation of fresh, clean air.

Equipment degradation

If your AC system is getting older, it is possible that certain parts have degraded, been damaged, require replacement or repair. We recommend calling a qualified air con specialist to check this out and determine why does your air conditioner smell bad.

Cleaning your AC

While it is important you regularly clean your AC system yourself, a deep clean carried out by an AC professional can identify the exact cause of the odour, remove it from your AC system and prevent it from developing again.

If you book a service with HunterCON, we will work with you to create a preventative maintenance plan for your air con system that will help ensure a reliable and odour-free system.

How To Make Sure You Have The Best Ventilation in Your Home

Mechanical Ventilation is crucial for ensuring thermal comfort and air quality.

When it comes to installing a mechanical ventilation system, hiring a trusted, fully-qualified professional for the job is vital.

Here at HunterCON, we are committed to providing the highest quality of service to our valued customers. From installing air conditioning systems to other electrical needs, we pride ourselves on delivering a personal, hands-on experience.

Available Mechanical Ventilation Options

The right ventilation system for you will depend on your needs and the size of your specific space. This can be achieved by using fans, air con systems, and ducts to circulate air and remove pollutants. We provide a variety of mechanical ventilation options. Below are the three most popular choices, ready to install.

Ducted ventilation

This ventilation system is well suited to large spaces, providing clean air for residents, customers, or employees. This will also help reduce the severity of common allergies such as hay fever by ridding the air of mould and mildew.

Ceiling fans

We offer electrical services to install fans in any new or existing properties. Fans aid the air circulation in a room and balance temperatures throughout the year, whether it’s summer or winter.

Wet area extraction

Bathrooms and kitchens will nearly always need a mechanical ventilation system to ensure heat, smoke, and steam do not result in mould and mildew. Areas above stovetops and showers are usually at the most risk. Exhaust fans can also be used to vent out problematic moisture and decrease the risk of bacteria growth, ensuring healthy air for years to come.

HunterCON staff and installers have a wealth of experience regarding these systems. If you’re not sure what option would be best for your building, don’t worry! Contact us here for more information.

Inspection and Repairs

Our knowledgeable team of experts will always be able to inspect and repair any faults in your ventilation system safely. In the case of an emergency breakdown, our nimble team is always ready to help.

Ongoing Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your mechanical ventilation system will mean it’s in top condition all year round. This will ensure ideal air quality no matter the season. Over time, a mechanical ventilation system can collect dirt, dust, and allergens.

It may also be susceptible to general wear and tear. As such, it’s important to keep routine check-ups scheduled.

What’s Involved

No matter the stage of installation, you’ll be well looked after with HunterCON. We will formulate the best ventilation solution to suit your needs and provide you with a quote.

During the installation process, we take care of everything. We will work around your schedule, test the ventilation system, ensure it meets the Building Code of Australia standards, and clean up our mess.

After installation, we will run you through how the system works, maintain it, and what to do in the event of a breakdown.

Importance of Using A Certified & Qualified Service

When installing a mechanical ventilation system, it is imperative to work with a certified and qualified installer. This will ensure peace of mind and plenty of well-informed advice.

Licensed installers carry an ARC tick number, meaning they are qualified to handle all AC and ventilation related matters. Our installers are qualified to advise on how ventilation systems work and form maintenance plans.

Enjoy comfortable and healthy air quality

Once you have serviced your AC system, you and your family will be able to enjoy great air quality in your home.

Through removing common pollutants such as dust, pollen, mould, smoke, dust mites, dander, and volatile organic compounds from the indoor air will help reduce the risk of several health concerns and improve comfort.

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