If there’s one thing that all Sydney home and business owners want to avoid, it’s spending money on a big-ticket item that doesn’t work out.

Maybe it’s a remodel that doesn’t turn out the way you expected, or an electronic that doesn’t work with the rest of your systems. But one of the most uncomfortable appliance-gone-wrong scenarios?

An AC unit that doesn’t work as it should.

Whether you love to stay cool in summer, or use your A/C to stay cosy in winter, here are the most common air conditioning mistakes that can lead to major headaches, and how to avoid them for good.

What are the 9 biggest air conditioning mistakes?

Mistake #1 – Choosing the wrong unit

The first mistake? Picking – or sticking with – the wrong unit to begin with.

Choosing an air conditioning unit should be a fairly precise decision, as the size of the unit should match the needs of your building. If it doesn’t properly fit the space – particularly if it is too small – it can cause your A/C unit to work overtime trying to keep your area cool. This is a surefire way to face problems like:

  • A unit that keeps turning on and off
  • A unit that becomes unreliable over time
  • A unit that wears out and requires frequent repair or replacement

If you’re facing any of these problems, the reality is that replacing your unit will likely save you time and headaches in the long-run.

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Mistake #2 – Skipping your annual air conditioning service

Your AC unit should be serviced by a professional at least once a year. This is the only way that you’ll proactively be able to identify problems early and address them effectively.

For example, refrigerant is a necessary compound to keep your AC unit working, but a small amount can escape your unit over time – and, if it doesn’t have enough, your unit will be less efficient. Having a technician come out to check your unit is the only way to address this problem, so regular maintenance can be a real game-changer if you want your unit to work effectively and consistently.

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Mistake #3 – Setting the temperature too low

Many people often make mistakes when running their AC units, as well.

One of the most common of these mistakes? Setting the temperature too low in the hopes that it will cool your space faster or more effectively. This doesn’t work, as AC units always work at full power to reach the set temperature.

This means that it won’t work any harder or faster if you set a lower temperature, it’ll just have to run longer or use more power. This practice, then, can put a huge burden on the unit, increasing costs and maximising the likelihood of a mechanical failure.

Mistake #4 – Dealing with a broken thermostat

In the same vein, you may find that your home or Sydney business just isn’t getting cool or maintaining a consistent temperature, even if you put it at a reasonable setting. This is a clear sign that your thermostat may have broken.

And this is more common than you might think. Thermostats don’t last forever, and if a broken thermostat goes unnoticed it can lead to higher costs and an overworked system. Pay attention, then, and be sure to repair or replace your thermostat if you suspect it’s no longer working correctly.

While you’re at it, you can also upgrade to a programmable thermostat if you don’t already have one. This can allow you to set-it-and-forget-it, setting temperatures for throughout the day that you don’t have to worry about. For example, you can set your temperature higher when you’re not home, and program it to cool off an hour before you return home from work. This helps you accommodate your schedule without wasting energy unnecessarily.

Mistake #5 – Forgetting to change your air filter

Next, there are regular maintenance oversights that could be sabotaging your unit.

Many people, for example, forget to change their air filters regularly. This can restrict airflow and make your unit work harder in order to cool your home. It can also lead to more dust, allergens, and pollutants in your home (which is never a good thing).

Simply replacing your air filter regularly can resolve many of these concerns and help your A/C unit operate efficiently and robustly.

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Mistake #6 – Forgetting to clean fins and coils

Similarly, you may face problems if you fail to clean your fins and coils. These components help the evaporators and condensers absorb and release heat – but dust and grime can stop them from working. A simple cleaning can help significantly.

Mistake #7 – Disregarding your vents

There are also some “common sense” oversights that you may not even think about, like checking your vents. Are they open? Are they pointed in the right direction? If not, you can run your unit for hours longer than necessary without ever feeling like it’s really working. This will be especially evident in rooms where you spend a lot of time.

Mistake #8 – Leaving your curtains open

You are also sabotaging your AC unit if you leave all your window coverings open. This exposes your home to outside heat and puts significant strain in your cooling unit. Make sure then, that you close at least some of your blinds during the day – especially in empty rooms – if you want to lock in cool air and conserve energy.

Mistake # 9 – Cooling empty rooms

That leads us to our last point: there’s no reason why you should be cooling empty rooms. Make sure, then, that you close doors and vents of rooms that you know you won’t use. That way, you’re only expending A/C energy on your lived-in space.

How to find a reliable air conditioning service provider

If you have any of the maintenance issues we’ve outlined in this guide – like an unchecked thermostat or a dirty filter and coils – you may be in the market for an A/C maintenance professional to help you out. 

Similarly, if you know that you’re in for a replacement, you may be looking for the right team to get the job done. If this is the case, you want to hire team that ticks the following boxes:

  • Has experience with your A/C unit (ducted, multi-split, or split) 
  • Able to provide references and customer testimonials
  • Responsive and helpful – even if you’re not yet a customer
  • Strong track record in your community

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Although we’re experts in keeping our Sydney clients comfortable and cool, you can go a long way to avoiding a professional service by following these steps:

✔ Make sure that your surroundings are correct (windows closed, vents open)

✔ Set your unit to a reasonable temperature

✔ Make sure that you have the right unit for your space

Tick these boxes and you can avoid the top common air conditioning mistakes and enjoy a cool, refreshing space.

If you have any questions about your existing unit, or you’d like to schedule some routine maintenance, feel free to reach out to us directly on 02 8283 1105. You can also fill out the form here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.