AC systems are essential in keeping us cool and comfortable during hot and humid weather. However, like any other equipment, AC systems require proper maintenance to ensure that they operate efficiently and effectively. Regular maintenance of your AC system offers numerous benefits that go beyond keeping your home cool.

Air con is pretty much a prerequisite for living in Sydney. And most other areas of Australia, for that matter. But many people fail to take adequate care of their AC units, even if they paid heavily for them in the first place.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of air conditioning system maintenance, including improved energy efficiency, extended lifespan of the equipment, improved air quality, and reduced repair costs. We will also provide some tips on how to maintain your AC system, ensuring that it functions at its best and keeping your home comfortable and healthy.

The following are 8 benefits of maintaining your air conditioning system regularly.

benefits of air conditioning system maintenance

#1 – Optimal Performance

Like practically all other systems, your air con unit will function better with regular maintenance. This means that you can enjoy lower electric bills and quicker heating and cooling, exactly when you need it. It also ensures that the remote works properly and the settings are correct.

#2 – Longevity

Perhaps the biggest benefits of air conditioning system maintenance would include the fact that it will last longer. All heavy duty products last longer when they are properly maintained, whether it is a garage door or a car. The more maintenance, the longer it will last. Once a year should suffice for your AC unit or system. The more expensive and complex the system, the more important it is to get regular maintenance.

#3 – Return On Investment

If you have spent over $5,000 on a high-quality multi-split system AC unit for your entire home, then it makes sense to get regular maintenance. You can purchase a system from a specialist familiar with their installs, maintenance, and repairs. This can help you to cut down on costs and maximise your ROI for the long term. This is something to think about for all expensive appliances.

#4 – Reduced Energy Bills

The more inefficient the AC system, the higher the energy bill. The rising price of electricity is a huge concern and a major reason why a household might refuse to install an AC system. But once you ensure that the air con system is high quality and regularly maintained, it won’t be a problem. An AC unit with annual maintenance should maintain about 95% of its efficiency.

#5 – Fewer Repairs

By getting regular maintenance, you can ensure that all of the components of the unit last longer and do not need to be replaced or repaired. About 80% of all AC repairs are preventable with maintenance. Preventative maintenance is a smarter option than a costly repair, but one that most people fail to take advantage of.

#6 – Reliability

Nothing could be worse than an AC unit that breaks down during the summer, when it is needed most. Maintenance will ensure that it is there when you need it. Depending on the time of the break, you might not be able to get it fixed for many days. You will also get peace of mind knowing that the system is working correctly.

#7 – Better Air Quality

The air that we breathe is pretty important. Dust and particles can easily get trapped within the duct of your AC unit and spread throughout the home. AC maintenance will clear the dust from the filter so you are breathing air that is of a higher quality. Be sure to get help from a specialist familiar with your model of air con.

#8 – Detention of issues

The AC technician will be able to detect certain issues that could cause problems down the line, such as a potential gas leak. They can also advise on the longevity and overall efficiency of the system and make changes as necessary. This information is invaluable.

Summary of Benefits of Air Conditioning System Maintenance

Regular AC maintenance is really a no-brainer. It will save you money, improve air quality, increase the longevity of your unit, reduce electricity bills, and ensure optimal performance.

Just make sure you hire an AC specialist that truly knows what they are doing. HunterCON are experts in Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repairs, being fully licenced, insured, and certified.

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What are the different kinds of AC units available?

There are 4 major types of AC unit. They include:

  1. Ducted ACs
  2. Split AC System
  3. Multi-Split ACs
  4. Portable

Which AC unit provides the best value for money?

It depends on the size of your dwelling and what you are looking for. Ducted is the most expensive, but can be the best long term investment to heat/cool a large home as it is more energy efficient. On the other hand, you can use a split system for a smaller apartment if you only need to adjust the temperature in one or two rooms.

How often should I get my AC unit serviced?

Once every year is probably the best option. 6 months is a little overkill, while 2 years is probably too long for optimal maintenance. If you are looking to maximise the ROI on your AC unit, then consider annual maintenance. To make it more convenient, you can schedule it with a yearly electrical inspection to hit two birds with one stone. For instance, HunterCON can provide you with an array of electrical services including AC installation, repair, and maintenance.

What are the most common faults with air con units?

The following are some of the most common issues that poorly maintained AC units can run into:

  • AC Starts To Leak Or Drip
  • AC Not Blowing At Full Power
  • AC Keeps Switching Off Randomly
  • AC Is Louder That Is Should Be
  • AC Does Not Cool Or Heat
  • AC Fan Is On But No Cool Air
  • AC Vent Is Dirty
  • AC Is Inefficient And Electricity Bill Is Too High

How much does AC repair and maintenance cost in Sydney?

This depends on the model of AC unit and the quality of the electrician. The hourly rates are typically between $80 – $120. The good news is that most AC specialists will only take 1 – 2 hours to complete the job. To gain more information on the cost, call up the technician for a quote before they come out.

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You will save on the price of maintenance and on the efficiency/longevity of your AC unit.