What to Know Before Installing an Electrical Fireplace

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There’s nothing more comforting than a fireplace in winter. But wood and gas fireplaces can be a lot of work, expensive and sometimes a lot of mess. Is it really worth it? Lucky there’s an alternative.
What to Know Before Installing an Electrical Fireplace

Electric fireplaces give you all the cozy feeling you could ever want from a fireplace, with none of the hassle or costs associated with the installation or maintenance of other alternatives. And the best part you won’t have to worry about chopping wood any longer.

Electric fireplaces are a trendy new alternative that a lot of people are coming to love. They provide the warm flickering glow that everybody loves but are a lot more convenient. An added bonus is that they are a lot safer in terms of fire risks. These units sometimes come ‘plug and play’ and can warm an area of up to 80 square metres, depending on the make and model.


Different Types of Electrical Fireplace

It’s easy to see why many people are switching to electric fireplaces for their source of heating.
They come in a range of different styles to suit all different situations, whether it’s a new fitting, or you’re looking to replace a hole in the wall where your old fireplace use to be. Here are some of the choices available:

• Freestanding – these fireplaces are the most common type and are made to look like a built-in fireplace. They can substitute a mantle in a living room and display a crackling flame.

• Fireplace inserts – if you have an existing fireplace that you would like to modernise, these are a great option. These fireplaces are fully enclosed and can look legitimately like a pile of glowing logs. If you choose to install one, make sure that your chimney has been blocked

• Wall mounted – these units are similar to freestanding fireplaces. They attach to your wall and can heat anywhere in your home, however they can require a bit more setup, just like any wall mounted appliance.

What Are The Running Costs?

Most plug-in electric fireplaces are rated at 1500 watts, regardless if the display flame is infrared, incandescent or LED. This power usage is identical to a standard 1500 watt electric baseboard heater. You can expect power expense to range from about 10 to 20 cents an hour depending on the setting you use and the specs of the make and model. By comparison, gas fireplaces can regularly cost towards 30 cents an hour.

Many of the fireplaces on the market have adjustable settings which can offer a lot of flexibility and cost savings. Running your unit on 750 watts with the flame for ambience can cut your bill in half!

Make Sure to have a Dedicated Outlet

A major consideration for the installation of an electric fireplace is its draw on your home’s circuitry. A 1500 watt fireplace engages the maximum amount of electricity that can be run through the circuit, so if you run anything else, the circuit will trip. It’s important that you have a dedicated circuit for your fireplace to avoid any problems.

What is the Installation Like?

Installing electrical fireplaces is generally quite easy. Given you have a free circuit most are simply a plug and play setup. Some will require a little bit of installation such as mounting brackets. If you intend to install an electric fireplace where your traditional fireplace was, you may need some basic carpentry knowledge.

Despite this, the main issue of installation is making sure that you have a dedicated circuit for your new fireplace. If you need any electric work done, be sure to hire a licensed electrician to help you install a new power outlet.

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