The benefits of installing solar panels

By May 3, 2020Electrical

When it comes to powering your home, there are many options. And with new technologies being developed, there are now more environmentally friendly ways to create electricity. This includes solar power.

solar panels
So, how does solar power work and what benefits does it have? Let’s find out.


How does solar power work?

Solar power is one way that free, renewable energy can be created. It works by transforming radiation from the sun into electricity. Through installing Solar Panels on your roof, you can generate Direct Current electricity which is fed into a solar inverter. The direct current electricity is then converted into alternating current electricity to be used in your home. Through storing the energy captured during the day, solar panels can continue to power your home during the night.

Benefits of solar power

There are many benefits to installing solar panels into your home. Take a look at some of the great advantages to solar power.

Affordability: When solar power first came about, it was not an affordable option for many households. However, solar panels have gotten far cheaper over the years. In fact, you can expect to save at least 40% of the original prices of solar power systems. Right now, you can steal a 5kW system for about $12,000.

Value for money: As the prices of solar panels have gradually reduced, the average size of the solar power systems have increased. The larger systems will almost always offer a much better value for money and generate much more power.

Fast payback: The savings you make from generating your own electricity will mean that you can make up the cost of installing your system in as little as six years. In order to maximise the speed of payback and returns, you can increase your rate of direct solar energy consumption, or by reducing other energy use.

Increases your home’s value: The more solar panels you have, the higher your home’s value will be. On average you can expect \about $6,000 of value to be added per kW of solar power. So, if you installed a 5kW system into your home, your home’s value will go up by more than $29,000. Furthermore, solar panels can help you sell a home up to 20% faster than usual.

Reduces energy bills: Installing solar panels will lead to many future savings. Over multiple years, households can save thousands of dollars on their energy bills, leaving more money for other important things. 

Reduces electricity transmission loss: Solar panels increase electricity efficiency in multiple ways. One way is as a result of the electricity actually being generated and used in the same place. Through reducing electricity transmission loss, energy efficiency is improved and so too are your savings.

Improve power grid security: Every house that has solar panels installed is self-sustaining. This works to improve power grid security meaning that if a natural or human-caused disaster occurs, your home will be far less likely to experience a blackout or other issues. 

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