Signs of an outdated electrical outlet

By April 19, 2020Electrical

It is understandable that homeowners rarely think about the electrical outlets in their home. They will work forever…right?

If a property was built even just a few decades ago, the chances are that all of your electrical outlets are outdated, putting you and your property at risk. Read on to find out whether your electrical outlets need replacing.


Why do outdated electrical outlets present risk?

Although there may not be any visible indication of any issues, outdated outlets most certainly put your property at risk. A few problems that obsolete electrical outlets often cause include:

Outlet And Surrounding Wire Degradation: consider inspecting these wires every few years to ensure the safety of your property.

 Inadequate power: Outdated outlets may provide insufficient electricity for your appliances and devices. Newer outlets will provide a more reliable source of energy.

Outlets Will Not Keep Up: Old wiring on your property is sometimes unable to keep up with new technologies or increasing power demands. 


Signs of an outdated electrical outlet

There are a few ways that you can tell that your outlets need replacing, including:

Plugs fall out easily: The connectors inside the outlet become worn out over time can become loose. As a result, plugs will fall off no matter what appliance is being used. Although it doesn’t seem too dangerous at the time, loose slots can actually result in electrical arcing, posing a significant fire hazard. 

Hot outlets: Outlets that get hot after minimal usage, very commonly indicates electrical issues that are caused by outdated outlets and wires.

Discoloured outlets: If the surrounding wall or the outlet itself is discoloured, that’s a definite sign replacement is needed. Scorch marks or melted plastic around the receptacle are the result of short circuits which may lead to fires. 

Sparks, smoke and smells: Sparks, smoke or strange smells coming from an outlet is a sign of a short circuit or water exposure. In particular, be aware of popping or sizzling sounds. If this occurs, be sure to switch off the power to the outlet and call an electrician.

If you have any questions about power outlets, or would like to book a quote for repairs, installation or maintenance, contact HunterCON today. With over 9 years of experience, we pride ourselves on providing air-con and electrical services of the highest quality. 

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