Luxury Electrical Upgrades that Will Change the Way You Live

By December 13, 2018Electrical

When it comes time to renovate, sometimes you just need to treat yourself a little. Electrical upgrades can make your home on the cutting edge, and who doesn’t want a house decked out with gadgets James Bond would be proud of?

Luxuries are about making your home life easier but upgrades can actually go a long way to increase the value of your home come time to sell.
Invisible Charging

From automation to handy lighting, there are many things you can do to make your place that little bit fancier. Here are eight luxury upgrades that will change the way that you live.

Invisible Charging

This one is for the clutter conscious, or even maybe just someone who is always losing things. Charging pads are a new technology that does away with all cabling, allowing you to simply rest the phone, smartwatch or tablet on the surface to charge the device. Charging pads can now come built into furniture such as side tables and desk lamps, which have inbuilt charging bases to discreetly charge your phone.

Touchless Taps

You may have seen touchless taps at venues, but have you ever considered installing them in your home? There are many benefits of a sensor operated faucet, such as stopping the spread of germs as well as controlling the amount of water used – you’ll never forget to turn the tap off again! Most units are programmable so you can set the length of time the water runs for as well as the temperature of the water.

Heated Bathroom Floors

Heated bathroom floors are a luxury you’ll thank yourself for, come the colder months. With thin radiant mats installed underneath your tiles, you’ll never have to experience cold feet again. Most systems are adaptable with a thermostat and timer system to turn on before you shower every morning. One added benefit is that heated flooring can help to stop mould growth in humid bathrooms!

Under-Cabinet /Skirtboard LED Lighting

Under cabinet and/or skirt board LED lights can be a great way to provide a soft light in your kitchen for different purposes. Lights from high cabinets can be practical as you prepare dinner, and from low cabinets, they can shine a warm glow on the kitchen floor. Skirtboard lighting is perfect for giving you a little bit of light to get up the hallway for a midnight snack.

Smart Thermostats

Programmable thermostats are great, but they’re a bit last millennium. You can now get thermostats with motion sensors that turn off when they detect that no one is home, and turn on when they are. What’s even cooler is that over time the thermostat will learn everyone in the houses rhythms and learn to predict when people get home to make sure the house is a suitable temperature.

Smart Locks

Smart locks can be integrated as part of your home security system and can be added to an existing door. The lock works as a touchscreen which can lock or unlock your home with a passcode, just like you would your phone. You can customise the unit so that it gives particular codes to certain people at certain times, for instance, you could just give your cleaner a certain code for 8 am Tuesday.

Smart Home Systems

Smart home systems are the be-all and end-all of electrical upgrades as they can integrate all of the technology within a household, including lighting, locking, heating and even music. These systems, when coupled with automation, can make you feel like you are living in a house of the future. Some hubs are even artificially intelligent and will tell you the weather for tomorrow, start a movie for you or even set you an alarm, all through voice command.

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