In our modern lives, we have more and more electrical appliances that need plugging in, from phones that need to charge overnight, to juicers that get left on the kitchen bench. But with all the extra cables comes an added level of responsibility for pet owners. It goes without saying that electrical hazards can be dangerous for pets. So what are some measures that responsible pet owners can take to keep them safe from electrical hazards?

A puppy doesn’t know the difference between an electrical cable and a chew toy, so if you’re a committed pet owner what are some steps you can take to keep your furry friends safe?

electrical hazards

Tips to make your pets safe from electrical hazards

Be Cord Smart

Electrical cords are one of the most obvious electrical hazards to pets. Animals are naturally inquisitive and what may seem like a harmless claw or nibble could potentially be life-threatening. Younger pets are even more playful so they’re even more at risk, but thankfully there are some measures you can take.

  • In cable dense areas, such as behind a computer, use a cable tie to bunch cords together making them harder to chew.
  • Many home improvement stores sell pet proofing, which comes in the form of long plastic piping that is difficult for pets to chew through.
  • Consider choosing higher quality cables with thicker more durable insulation.
  • Some cables come with a non-toxic bitter agent that makes them unpleasant to taste and pet stores sell this formula as a spray that can be applied to discourage pets.

Be Conscious of Hot Appliances

If you’re a cat owner, you probably know that felines enjoy a nap in a warm place, whether that be a sunny window sill or a laptop. It’s important to keep hot electronics away from pets, for example, you could deter a feline away from that laptop by placing it on a stand or in a draw when not in use. A laptop might not be hot enough to burn, but what about appliances that generate a lot of heat, such as hair straighteners? These should be kept out of reach of pets until they cool down. Oil heaters can turn into electrical hazards if knocked over, causing burns and in the worst case fires. Make sure that pets don’t rest on top of them, and supervise boisterous puppies when heaters are on. Stove tops can also present a set of challenges, so if you have a particularly inquisitive kitten, try investing in a hob cover.

Have An Electricity Free Play Room

It’s important to have a room that’s free of cords, electronics and breakables, where you can put your pet safely if you need to leave them for a period of time. Of course, it’s nice if your pet can roam free, but you never know what they might get up to while you’re ducking out to the shops.

Check Your Sockets

Make sure that appliances are fully plugged into sockets, any exposed wiring or faulty cable could cause a shock if nudged by a wet nose. Make sure that all your sockets are in proper working order, with no loose parts so you can be sure that your pet can’t get anywhere near the insides of the socket.

Keeping your pets safe from electrical appliances as electrical hazards

In our busy lives, sometimes it is hard to remember to be cautious with the electrical appliances in our home. But if you have pets, it is even more important to be careful.

What are some measures that responsible pet owners can take to keep them safe from electrical hazards?

Be aware of water

If your pet likes to get up on the kitchen bench or the bathroom sink, it can be easy for them to knock electrical appliances into the water. Make sure you never leave any appliances such as hair driers or electric hand beaters where your pet might knock them into the water. If you must leave them in those places, then ensure that they are unplugged.

Pets and outdoor wires

Ensure outside areas are free from underground wires or cables that your pets might unintentionally dig up. If your dog enjoys digging, then make sure you know what’s in the ground that he might unintentionally dig up. All underground wiring and cabling should be at a depth that your pet won’t find it with his paws.

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