When it comes to cooling a home, many people wonder what option will work best for them without costing the earth. The variety of options can often seem overwhelming.

Everyone has different needs when it comes to AC systems and it is important that you invest in an AC system that fulfills these needs in the most effective way.

Every home is different, and knowing how to choose the best air conditioner for you means knowing what your home needs out of an AC.

Buying an air con system can seem overwhelming with the different types of systems, the wide price range, and the talk of energy efficiency on everyone’s lips. Without a proper understanding of how your AC unit is working for you, it is easy to fall into financial pitfalls early on.

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7 reasons air conditioners are a great option for any home

At HunterCON we passionately provide high-quality AC systems. Today we present seven reasons why an air con system is a great option for your home.


One of the advantages of buying an AC unit is that they are very affordable when compared to other cooling and heating methods. Not only is the initial outlay affordable, but so too are the ongoing costs associated with running an air con unit.

Energy Efficiency

For many people, energy efficiency is a very important consideration. If you want your home to remain cool for as long as possible with minimal damage to the cost of energy, an AC unit is certainly your best option. Furthermore, units can carry specific energy efficiency ratings, so you can choose the perfect unit to suit your needs.

Easy to install

The installation process for an air con unit is relatively easy. While the installation process will differ from model to model, setup is usually straightforward and can be performed quickly and easily. You may choose to install the unit by yourself by following the instructions or alternatively hire a qualified professional to help you out.


AC units can be used in a variety of various places inside and outside of your home. You can use it in non-permanent housing such as a home you are renting, and can easily take it with you when you move. Furthermore, they can be installed in a variety of spaces such as bedrooms, kitchens, studios, gyms, theatres, and offices.


There are a variety of options when it comes to choosing the best air conditioner unit you choose to install. Different brands offer various levels of cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency and some will have a much longer life than others.


There are a variety of options when it comes to the type of AC unit you choose to install. Different brands offer various levels of cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency and some will have a much longer life than others.


Air con units are relatively compact and will not take up too much space in a room. While some units are much bigger than others, they are usually designed to take as little space and are not visually invasive.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Air Conditioner

Every home is different, and knowing how to choose the best air conditioner for you means knowing what your home needs out of an AC.


Big variance in the range of AC units comes in its price range. How can such seemingly similar products vary so widely in the price? It can be tempting to go straight for a cheaper option as it has the least initial outlay and does not appear all too different from its competitors. Long-term cheaper units wear down quicker, are harder or nearly impossible to maintain without hefty costs.

Higher-priced brands, such as Samsung, tend to be more reliable with their customer service and product quality.


Room size plays a big role in the efficiency of your air con system. A typical pitfall is the idea that “bigger is better”. Using a large system in too small an area will actually cool or heat your room less effectively, whilst still using (and hence wasting) a high amount of electricity.

Knowing the size of the room you want to heat or cool is essential to getting an AC system that will efficiently heat without spiking up your electricity bill.


Air conditioners vary in their functionality and this will impact your buying decision depending on what you need your AC to do to get the best result. The traditional reverse cycle system utilises a heating and cooling system to reach the set temperature, whist an inverter system is more energy efficient by only using pressure from an external compressor.

Smart systems have been introduced to collate all AC functionality into a user-friendly app. This allows for a better understanding of your energy usage and efficiency, along with the remote ability to turn your system on and off.


Long term, you want your AC unit to consistently perform with minimal upkeep costs. Nobody wants to be stuck in summer with a bung AC. By choosing brands with a strong track record in product reliability and excellent customer service, you can have faith that your system will hold out during crunch time.

What type of Air Con system suits your needs?

So what are your options when it comes to air con systems and why would you choose each type? Read on to find out which AC system is most suitable for you.

Window AC Unit – Small and affordable

Main benefits: simple, affordable, suit small spaces, and easy to install

A window system is one of the simplest and cheapest AC systems for your home. This system is mounted on windows or walls and is a single unit that is assembled in a casing where all the components are located.

While they are relatively cheap to purchase and easy to install yourself, they can be loud and can cause energy bills to skyrocket. This system is only recommended for rooms that do not require sufficient heating or cooling all the time, which is rare in Australia’s climate.

Split air conditioner – Simple and energy efficient

Main benefits: suits different sized spaces, sleek aesthetic, and energy-efficient.

Split systems are the most popular type of AC units for homes, and are designed to cool and/or heat either small or large residential areas.

A split air conditioner consists of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit is installed on or near the exterior wall of the room that you wish to cool. This unit houses the compressor, condenser coil, and expansion coil or capillary tubing. The sleek-looking indoor unit contains a cooling coil, a long blower, and an air filter.

A split system can be a great choice, as they are relatively noise-free as well as sleek and subtle in their design. While the initial cost of split air con units is significantly higher than a window unit, and it does require professional installation they are much more energy-efficient, saving you money in the long run.

Multi-split air conditioner – Effective heating and cooling

Main benefits: Allows different temperatures throughout the home and fulfills needs of various building occupants

If you require multiple rooms or various room temperatures, multi-split systems are the way to go. They function the same as a split system, however, comprise a single outdoor unit connected to multiple independent indoor units.

This can be an excellent solution for households and buildings with specific needs. It is important to note that due to the increased number of indoor units, the cost of a multi-split system can be significantly higher than that of a single split system.

Ducted air conditioner – aesthetically pleasing whole-home system

Main benefits: can cool and heat your whole home effectively, aesthetically pleasing, and energy-efficient

Alternatively to the window units, split and multi-split AC systems, ducted systems are the ‘whole home’ air condition solution and are capable of controlling the temperature and humidity in every room of the house.

A ducted system works through its internal unit, which is installed within the roof space of the home. A series of ducts run from the AC unit to each of the rooms in the home, allowing you to cool or heat each room using individual controls.

Due to the unit being installed in the roof, ducted air con is definitely the most aesthetic AC option. Additionally, ducted systems are the fastest working, most energy-efficient, and with a reverse cycle, the system can allow you to heat your home too.

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