Your AC system is an essential component of your home, providing much-needed relief during hot summer months. However, just like any other mechanical equipment, AC system needs servicing to ensure they are operating at their best.

Failure to maintain your AC system can lead to various issues that could result in costly repairs or even replacement. In this article, we will discuss seven obvious signs that your AC system needs servicing.

By learning to recognize these signs, you can address the issues promptly and avoid more significant problems down the road. We will also provide some tips on how to maintain your AC system and keep it running efficiently, ensuring that you and your family stay cool and comfortable all summer long.

When running smoothly, air con systems keep your home as comfortable as can be, providing heat in the cold months and active cooling during the summer. However, what are the signs that your AC might not be in tip-top condition?

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ac system needs servicing

What are the signs when a poor-performing AC system needs servicing?

Is warm air coming from the vents?

If you feel warm air blowing out of your home’s vents, you should check the thermostat. Make sure it’s switched to cooling mode and set it lower than your home’s current temperature. If your vents still blow warm air, restricted airflow or a compressor issue might be the cause.

Does your AC system have insufficient airflow?

Poor airflow is a common sign that your air conditioner isn’t working efficiently or that a blockage is preventing air from moving through your home’s ductwork. While you may just require simple servicing, your air conditioner may also benefit from zoning systems. They can ensure that you’re getting the right airflow and cooling power exactly where you need it.

How frequent are cooling cycles?

Your air conditioner should go through relatively routine cooling cycles; however, it shouldn’t cycle on and off too regularly. If you notice frequent cycles, your AC system needs servicing right away. It is important to note that while your air conditioner may just need a quick tune-up, you might be better of purchasing a new air conditioner.

Are you experiencing high humidity?

Your air conditioner should moderate humidity levels automatically, but if your cooling system can’t keep moisture levels within a comfortable range, you need an air conditioner repair.

Are there any water leaks?

Pooled water or an active leak around your air conditioner is an essential sign that your cooling system is not running properly. Leaks can quickly damage your home and may even lead to serious structural issues, so be sure to get on this issue as quickly as possible.

Does you AC system give off a bad smell?

If you smell unpleasant odours and suspect that they’re coming from your HVAC system, you will certainly want to deal with the issue before it becomes worse. A quick service can enable your home to smell fresh again in no time.

Is your AC system making strange noises?

Most air conditioners make low-level noise when they are being used. If you notice any unusual sounds like buzzing, rattling and grinding, be sure to contact a technician straight away.

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