Where To Install Outdoor Lighting

By January 25, 2019Electrical

Outdoor lighting can make your home a much more habitable place, not only does it make it easier for you to get to your front door at night, but it can also create whole new living spaces that are ideal for entertaining in the summer. Different lights are suitable for different jobs. Some create an impression and some are more suitable for practical purposes, but the best can do both!
outdoor lighting

When it comes to outdoor lighting, practicality is important, light where it’s not needed is a waste of energy and poorly lit pathways can be hazardous, so be sure to have a think about the places in your home that most need light. Here are some key areas to consider.


Front Door

The front door is one of the most common areas for outdoor lighting. Not only is it practical to have lighting to help you find your keys, but a well lit front door can make a huge first impression when guests come around.

High Traffic Areas

Aside from the front door, homes have a lot of places that can be considered high traffic, such as the pathway to your front door, or the path from your laundry to your clothesline. Areas such as these benefit from the installation of spike lights, which can be small solar panelled lights or long chains of waterproof wired lights that sit alongside a pathway.

Risk Areas

Do you have places in your house that could pose a risk to someone if they couldn’t see where they were going? Ground level changes, sudden step-downs, pool areas and staircases can prove hazardous if people cannot see them, especially guests who don’t know where they are going. Risk areas can benefit from sensor activated lighting, and lights installed on the outward face of steps can make getting up and down a lot safer.

Garage Lights

Garage or carport lighting is a practical choice, not only can it help you park safely at night, but it can assist you in getting all of your belongings out of the car, which is particularly handy if you’ve just done a big shop.

Decorative Lighting

Although lighting is a practical installation, it can also be used to ‘brighten up’ the appearance of your house. Lighting can create a nice ambience with a modern touch and when applied to garden lines, windows or eves, it can serve both form and function. Lighting up fountains with feature lights and trees with spotlights can create a dramatic effect in your garden, but can also illuminate large areas for practical purposes. A lit tree over a BBQ or clothesline not only looks great but can go a long way to improve visibility in the evening.

Creating Outdoor Living Spaces

If you have a deck, patio or porch, you can create a whole new room of the house just by adding a bit of light. In ground lighting is a great option for decking or tiled areas and wall lights are suitable for specific areas, such as outdoor dining tables.

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