What to Remember When Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

By June 21, 2019Air Conditioning

As you might have guessed, most of the work in preparing your air conditioner comes down to maintaining a steady airflow, as well as a bit of spring cleaning!
What to Remember When Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

Here are a few key areas to consider, so you can be sure your air conditioner unit is running at 100% before the summer heat sets in.


Be Sure to Clean and Change Your Filters

Many people don’t know this but air conditioning filters need to be changed regularly/cleaned and in the interim, a quick clean goes a long way to preserving your air flow. Filters are easily clogged and a build-up of debris can restrict airflow, meaning your unit will have to work harder to push out air. That’s power and money you don’t need to spend.

On ducted air conditioning units, the filter is found to be in the return air grille most likely located on the ceiling, open the grille remove the filter and wash with water. On window units, the filter is usually found on the face of the unit, behind a metal panel. Window units usually have permanent filters which require cleaning. After unscrewing the panel, clean the filter with a mixture of vinegar and water and allow it to dry out before refitting.

Remember to Clean the Condenser

Outdoor units tend to be more durable than their indoor counterparts, despite this, it’s important to check for dirt, leaves and twigs and anything else that could have built up over time. After removing foreign objects give the unit a good clean out by using a bowler or use compressed air.

You can make your life easy by mowing any grass or trimming any branches around the unit. Be sure to check that the concrete slab is steady and level, as an incline may mean the condenser has to work harder to make up air pressure. During the summer you should check the unit every week, hot temperatures and debris don’t mix!

Clean the Condenser Coils

For ducted air conditioning units, it is particularly important to check the condenser coils. The condenser is in the unit that is placed outside and should look like a fan with a cover, with vents or grills on the sides. The coils are generally located at the rear of the system that look like small little fins.

You can use a coil brush or other soft brush, or even vacuum the coils from the outside of the unit. Heavy debris may require a commercial coil cleaner, which needs to be sprayed from the inside, away from the electrical components of the unit. If in doubt when using a liquid, cover the electrics with a plastic bag.

Check to make Sure Ducts or Pipes Aren’t Leaking

Look for loose panels, loose joints and small holes in ductwork. You would be amazed how much a tiny leak can affect the efficiency of your overall system. Small leaks can be sealed with rubber or fabric-based tapes, but larger problems may require professional refitting.
The condensation line is another spot to check. This is the pipe that removes condensation from the unit. The moist conditions can create a perfect environment for algae to grow and clog your line. So if you suspect drainage problems, try unscrewing the pipe and cleaning it with an algaecide, which is available at most pool stores.

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