Ways you can maintain your air conditioning system

By October 20, 2020Air Conditioning

Believe it or not, even excellent products require regular maintenance. Especially AC units. 

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Without checking up on your air conditioning unit, you could potentially be losing money and reducing the quality of your air. But don’t fret, HunterCON is here to help and give you peace of mind with these maintenance tips.

Why do I need to clean my air conditioner?

All of HunterCON’s air conditioning units come with filters that are excellent at blocking dust and possible bacteria. However, without a clean, these filters can become clogged. When a filter is clogged, the air conditioner will use more energy than usual to keep the air circulating and maintain its designated temperature. This means that your pesky electricity bill could be more costly than it needs to be. On top of that, your AC could be collecting mould from a build-up of moisture. Now that’s the last thing you want to contaminate the air of your home. 

How often do I need to maintain my air conditioning system?

Short answer, regularly. But it honestly depends on your level of usage. For example, in the summer it would be ideal to check the dust filters every month, but in the less extreme seasons when the air conditioner is receiving less attention, you may only need to check once. Aim for at least twice a year. 

How do I clean my air conditioner?

Disclaimer: This advice is for split-system air conditioners as this is the most common type of unit, however, this information should apply to most other systems. 

  1. Firstly, make sure your AC is properly turned off.
  2. Now, it’s time to get a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner. 
  3. Before getting inside, give your exterior a clean and make sure no debris is too close to your unit.
  4. Remove the cover from your unit and take out the dust filter/s.
  5. Give the dust filter/s a solid shake, brush, or vacuum, depending on its level of cleanliness. If the filter is extremely dirty, not to worry. Some warm water and gentle detergent should do the trick.
  6. If possible, also remove your unit’s oscillating blades (called louvres) and give them a brush or vacuum.
  7. Place the dust filter/s and louvres carefully back onto your unit where they were originally located.

Congratulations! You’ve now successfully self-maintained your air conditioning unit. Now, while self-service is essential, so is regular professional service. Parts may need replacing, or a deep clean may be required. HunterCON’s fully licensed professional air conditioning maintenance is the best way to check the more internal mechanics of your unit. Now even if HunterCON didn’t install your system, we have a reliable team ready to assist. If you’re concerned about your air conditioners’ performance, or just want a check-up, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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