Security System Installation, Maintenance, Service & Repair

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In Sydney, theft and other criminal attacks are, unfortunately, quite common. Security systems are an extremely effective way to protect your home from these acts.

Security system

In Sydney, theft and other criminal attacks are common. We provide quality, affordable security system installation, maintenance, service and repair.

When it comes to choosing, installing, maintaining and repairing these systems, it is import to work with a qualified professional. Here at HunterCON, we pride ourselves on our proficiency and eye for detail when it comes to working with security systems.

Our security services extend to a full range of solutions designed to keep you, your family and your assets safe, including alarms, security lighting installation, intercoms, access control systems, CCTV installation and smoke detectors.

Full Security Systems

We believe in security systems being multifaceted to ensure maximum levels of protection, which is why we suggest that our customers implement comprehensive security systems. This will help secure entrances, guard your property when you aren’t around, allow you to stay in complete control of who enters your home and deter criminals from entering in the first place.

Security System Installation

Having a qualified industry professional install your security system is the best way to ensure peace of mind at all times. This technology can be quite complex and it requires an experienced electrician to install it correctly. This way you can know that your system won’t let you down – and that’s incredibly reassuring.

All our security system installs are executed with an extremely close attention to detail and our motivated team will be there to offer advice to meet your every need.

Security Cameras

Installing a high-quality security camera system will add an extra level of protection to your home or business. CCTV is important for thoroughly monitoring your property, in particular, vulnerable areas or isolated entrances. They also help to deter criminals in a very powerful way. If you do experience a break-in, camera footage will help the authorities identify the perpetrator, increasing the chance of catching them.

We are experienced security camera installers. We always work to the highest standard, ensuring your system is the right one for you and it is installed the right way. If your security camera system requires maintenance or repair, we can help to quickly identify the problem and fix it right away.



Security alarms are a key component of a security system. They are extremely effective at deterring criminal attacks.

As with all of our electrical services, we always strive to find the perfect solution for you, no matter what your requirements are. From both wired and wireless components, to a variety of sensor systems and remote arming and disarming options, we will ensure you install the right alarm for you.

Security System Maintenance, Service, Repair

While most security systems are very reliable, the reality is that issues can occur. We provide fast, efficient maintenance and repair services, ensuring that you are never vulnerable.

The Importance of Using a Certified & Qualified Service

As with any trade, is extremely important to work with a certified and qualified security specialist to ensure peace of mind at all times.

We are highly experienced electrical specialists with a wealth of industry experience in all aspects of security. We’re located in Sydney’s Inner West, and we service the greater metropolitan area, including the Eastern Suburbs, Lower North Shore and South West.

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With over 9 years experience under our belt, we pride ourselves on providing security services of the highest quality. If you’re looking for a quote for security system installation, maintenance or repairs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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