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Security Services Sydney

Nowadays, the need to have security services in a property is undeniable, not only as a defense against the commission of potential crimes but also because current technology allows us to save time and money due to the integration of security devices with smart appliances, thanks to which it is possible, for example, to detect a burning stove and switch it off remotely. That’s just one of the many uses of state-of-the-art security devices that exist today.

How do you define a security system?

A security system can be defined as a set of sensors that are arranged in the form of networks of integrated electronic instruments and connected to a central control panel, and whose purpose is to protect your home or business against probable intruders.

How is a security system made up?

A security system has different elements, among them: glass break detectors, door, window and motion sensors, indoor and outdoor cameras, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, yard signs, and window stickers.

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Do you really need a security system?

If you want to have the benefits mentioned below, you definitely need a security system. Indeed, among the many advantages of having a security system are the following:

Helps you protect your assets

It helps you protect valuables since once the alarm is activated the police will go immediately to your property.

Home automation and surveillance

In addition to allowing you to see what is happening in your home remotely, a home security system lets you carry out actions that will provide you with greater comfort, in addition to helping you reduce your electric bill, such as turning off lights and appliances as air conditioners.

Reduce the amount of your insurance policy

Those who have a security system receive discounts on their home insurance policy.

Carbon monoxide and fire detection

A home security system can detect these risks even if you can’t. Handling a fire or carbon monoxide leak could prevent damage to your property and, more importantly, save lives.

Security Services Sydney: How does a security system operate?

A security system operates thanks to the interaction of three fundamental parts: the control panel, the sensors and surveillance cameras.

Control panel

The control panel consists of a computer that receives information from the sensors and that contacts the home security provider in case that something that affects the security of the property takes place. It is a kind of “brain” of the security system.

It can be programmed to arm and disarm the security system. It can be activated with verbal instructions and controlled by wireless devices called key fobs.


These are devices that have a circuit that, when broken, the control panel interprets that there was a violation of the security system, thus activating a high-decibel alarm about a potential break-in in the home or business where the security system is located. Security systems usually have two types of sensors: Door and Windows Sensors, and Motion Sensors.

Door and Windows Sensors

These sensors are composed of two parts that are located adjacent to each other. One part of the device is placed on the window or door and the other on the base of the window or on the door frame. Now, when a window or door is closed, a safety circuit is created by the union of the two parts of the sensor.

Motion sensors

Motion sensors are often used on larger properties, as well as to protect valuable objects. They create an invisible zone over certain areas and, like door and window sensors, activate an alarm if such areas are violated.

High-decibel alarm

Another important component of any security system. Its function is to emit a loud noise to alert those who are near the property and the company providing security services about a potential security breach occurring where such a security system is located.

Surveillance cameras

There are wired and wireless surveillance cameras, and they are used, among other things, to monitor the following areas:

– Internal and external access points, such as front or garage doors.
– Remote buildings such as workshops, barns or garages.
– Remote or hard-to view-locations.

Access to surveillance cameras can be done remotely from computers, tablets and smartphones. This is useful when you want to monitor what is happening on a property from which you are far away, such as when homeowners are travelling and want to see how their children or pets are doing. Additionally, a security camera can record any criminal activity.

Window stickers and yard signs

One might think that stickers and signs will not do much for the security of a property, but the truth is that having them in many cases will deter criminals from breaking into your property.

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Security Services Sydney: Do security systems necessarily work through the internet?

There are security devices that do not require the use of the internet, as would happen with a home security camera system that is connected to a screen and that stores videos on a local storage device. Indeed, this type of device does not even require a WiFi connection, since it can be configured wiredly.

On the other hand, certain features require an internet connection. This would be the case if you wanted to see what is being recorded by the cameras from a place other than the one where they are installed, or if you want the videos recorded by the home security system described above to be stored in a cloud service such as Dropbox or Google Drive. The advantage of doing this is that you could have an additional backup source in case the storage device connected to your system gets damaged.

Security Services Sydney: Which company should I hire to get Security Services in my Sydney-based property?

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There are many reasons why more and more people want to hire HunterCON Electrical and Air’s services. It is not only because we have trained professionals who do their job to perfection, but also because of the rest of the staff who make it all possible and leave smiles on the faces of our valued clients. Indeed, HunterCON Electrical and Air offers you the following:

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