Replacing air conditioning ducts

By January 22, 2020Air Conditioning

When customers want to replace an old air conditioning system with a new ducted reverse cycle or evaporative system, they often ask to keep the existing ducts in order to save on costs.

But when do existing ducts need to be replaced and why could new ones be beneficial? Read our guide to find out.


What is a ducted AC system?

Ducted AC systems are the ‘whole home’ air condition solution and are capable of controlling the temperature and humidity in every room of the house. A ducted air conditioning system works through its internal unit, which is installed within the roof space of the home. A series of ducts run from the air conditioning unit to each of the rooms in the home, allowing you to cool or heat each room using individual controls. Ducted systems are the fastest working, most energy-efficient option when it comes to cooling and heating your home, but do you ever need to replace the ducts? 

When should you replace your ducts? 

Over time, AC ducts are exposed to dust and moisture, which forms due to condensation during operation. Over time dust, lint, grime and more can all build-up in your air-con ducts. It is recommended that you have your ducts cleaned or replaced if your air conditioning has been installed for over ten years. If you are installing a new ducted air conditioning system, you should always choose to put in new ducts too.

Benefits of replacing your AC ducts

While it is important to clean your AC ducts regularly, sometimes replacing them altogether is the most viable option. There are a number of benefits of replacing your AC ducts, including:

Air Quality & Hygiene: Old air ducts can become clogged up with dirt and grime, dead carcasses of insects and other contaminations. This build-up can result in the growth of bacteria which can have an impact on the hygiene of your home and the health of your family. 

Energy Efficiency: Clogged ducts can reduce airflow by up to 80% and forces your AC to work much harder, adding significantly to your energy bill. Replacing old ducting will work to save on running costs of your AC system all year.

Increasing the life of your AC: Clean ducting also has the added benefit of maximising the life of your air conditioner. Build up of contaminants and reduced airflow means that your AC system has to work much harder to perform the heating and cooling, which shortens the life cycle of any system. At HunterCON we always recommend putting in new ducts with each new system installation.

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