Relocating your air conditioner unit

By November 20, 2019Air Conditioning

There are many reasons why you might like to relocate or move an air conditioner or even reposition ducted air system vents. Whether you are renovating, changing up your furniture or maybe even moving homes altogether, your air conditioner is a valuable investment that you want to get the most out of.

So, before you go touching wires and pipes yourself, read our information about relocating air conditioner units.


Never relocate an air conditioner yourself

With electricity and refrigerant involved, HunterCON advises that is definitely safest NOT to touch your air conditioner yourself. Even the slightest movement of your unit may damage it and invalidate your warranty. Not to mention the hazards and risks involved in dealing with electricity. Furthermore, you won’t have the re-gassing and gas recovery tools necessary to get the job done in a safe and timely manner. Air conditioner relocation is a specialist job that should only be carried out by experienced and qualified professionals. At HunterCON, our technicians can expertly move your split system air conditioner or ducted air conditioning vents, including all the electrical wiring, so you don’t have to hire an electrician separately.

Temporary relocation of an air conditioner

You may only need to move your air conditioner temporarily, in order to make small changes to your home such as painting or moving furniture. The first thing we do before temporarily moving an air conditioner unit is to use the compressor to safely pump the refrigerant back down into the compressor unit. After safely disconnecting the power, we seal the pipes and solder it closed, and then extend or shorten the copper wire in accordance to it’s needs. After that, the unit is placed back where it was, or we put it in its new location so that you can make the necessary changes to your home. We then reconnect the unit, using a vacuum gauge to exterminate all remnants of moisture and air; that way we ensure that only pure refrigerant is returned to the system before recharging. Last, we re-level the unit, move the pad, reinstate the power and restart the system, testing it thoroughly to ensure that it’s working as well as it did before the move.

Permanent relocation of an air conditioner

For permanent moves of air conditioning units, we follow basically the same steps, with just one noteworthy difference. Instead of simply pumping the refrigerant back into the compressor, for longer-term moves we pump it into a purpose-built storage bottle…which is always clinically clean. The refrigerant is very expensive, especially for larger air conditioning systems, so it is crucial that this is done correctly. It is clear that this job is complex and must be handled by a professional for both safety and environmental reasons.

Important note

It is important to remember that your air conditioning unit will only be covered by its warranty while it remains in its original location. In most cases, after you have moved your AC unit, your warranty will be lost, even if it was handled by a professional.

Whether for a short or long-term move, relocating your air conditioner is a tricky and time consuming process. At HunterCON we guarantee that we will get the job done as quickly and reliably as possible.

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