How to Save Energy When Gaming

By August 21, 2019Electrical

Gaming consoles have become a standard fixture in most households and can provide hours of fun and entertainment, but they can use up more energy than you’d expect. The cost of gaming is roughly four times what it was in the ‘90s. As gaming and technology has improved, the amount of energy necessary to power gaming consoles has increased. Making some small changes to your gaming habits can help you cut your electricity bill and make your household more energy-efficient.
How to Save Energy When Gaming

Many of the fundamental features of modern gaming consoles can use a lot of electricity, but there are some small changes you can make to actively reduce your energy consumption when gaming.


Turn Off the Console When You’re Not Using it

The majority of gaming consoles will usually go into ‘standby’ or ‘sleep mode’ when you’re not using them. This reduces power usage but it doesn’t stop it entirely, as the console is still drawing power to remain in sleep mode. To stop drawing power completely, you should turn off the power at the console or at the wall switch when you’re no longer using it.

Activate Power Saving Settings

Many gaming consoles now have power saving settings to help reduce how much energy they use even while you’re still gaming. For example, Xbox One comes set-up to listen for the “Xbox on” command to turn it on, but you can disable this feature by configuring the ‘energy saving’ power mode, this can drop the standby power use by 98 per cent. Check out your console’s instruction manual to see what energy saving options you could be using.

Don’t Use Game Consoles to Stream

If you’re about to binge-watch your favourite Netflix shows through your gaming console, it may be a better idea to use a digital media player such as Apple TV or Google Chrome, these can use up to 15 times less energy.

Use a Monitor with a High Energy Rating

If you’re shopping for a new TV or specialised gaming monitor, try and opt for one with a five-star energy rating. LED screens or OLED TV’s are considered to be the most energy efficient. Smaller, energy-efficient monitors also use up far less electricity than larger screens.

Track your energy usage

You can identify which areas of your home or appliances are using up the most electricity by conducting a home energy audit. This will thoroughly assess your home and show you where you should make changes or upgrades to faulty or high-energy draining appliances to make your home more energy-efficient.

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