Great ways to keep your house warm in winter

By June 12, 2020Electrical

Winter has well and truly crept upon us, and we are certainly feeling a cool change in the air. And while there are some great heating systems for your home, which help keep you warm, there is a number of other things you can do to stay snug.

warmCheck out some of our favourite tips to keep your home nice and warm all winter long!


Install a programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostats allow you to select the perfect temperature for your home and in some cases, will let you adjust the temperature in different areas of your house so that everyone in your family is comfortable. By changing the thermostat when you leave the house, you can also save loads on your energy bill.

Keep your curtains shut during the night

It is a great idea to leave your curtains open to let the sun in during the day. However, did you know that shutting the curtains at night allows you to keep the heat inside for longer? You might even want to consider purchasing insulated curtains if you want to keep the heat in for even more time.

Use reversible ceiling fans

While most people think that ceiling fans are only to be used for cooling your home in the warmer months, many can be used in the colder months too. See if you can reverse your fan so that it moves clockwise instead of counterclockwise. Since heat rises, the clockwise-spinning fan will push the heat back down into your rooms. This works particularly well in homes with high ceilings.

Keep vents clear

If you have a heating system with vents, it is important to ensure that you do not block them with furniture or other large objects. Make sure you double-check that all of your vents are not blocked, and if they are, its a good idea to move your furniture, at least for the winter, so that your heating system reaches maximum potential.

Keep doors shut

If you want to keep specific rooms extra-warm, there is not much point leaving the door open, as it allows warm air to escape and spread throughout your home. For those with open plan homes, room dividers are sometimes a good option. You’ll be surprised how effective keeping a few doors shut can be.

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