HunterCON are fully licensed electrical and air conditioning specialists located in Sydney. HunterCON’s highly motivated team of technicians pride themselves in providing fast and efficient electrical services with a strong focus on quality and meeting customer’s every need.

Read our chat with HunterCON’s proud business owner Daniel, to get to know what HunterCON is all about.


Why did you start HunterCON electrical and air, how long has it been operating for and is there any plans for the future?

I started HunterCON electrical and air because for as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to work for myself. I’ve been operating HunterCON for four years now. The plans for the future is to grow at a steady rate and become a major player in the industry.

What does a typical workday look like?

A typical day could be all four of the boys being on one site working together completing rough-ins – fit offs – complete installations or it could mean that we have to teams attending smaller works like air conditioning maintenance or breakdowns and call outs.

What do you enjoy most about HunterCON electrical and air and the work you do, is there any moments that have stuck out in the time you’ve been operating that was really positive?

The satisfaction of completing something challenging and handing it over to the customer is always really rewarding. Teaching apprentices the skills of the trade is also a really positive experience for me. Any positive feedback from clients on our workmanship or the attitude and drive of my young employees will always remind me to feel positive about my business.

What are the things you believe sets HunterCON electrical and air apart in your field?

  • punctuality 
  • knowledge and experience of the industry
  • our ability to provide multiple services at the same time, saving customers and builder time and money.
  • customer interaction
  • safety while working
  •  leaving a customer’s home as clean if not cleaner than when we arrived
  • after-sales care.

Are there any new innovations you see coming to the industry that excite you?

The phase out of HFC refrigerants in the air conditioning industry and the move towards less harmful refrigerants for your atmosphere and the planet will be an exciting and welcome change. Tools and technologies are constantly improving and its great to evolve with the times.

What has been a key experience/piece of knowledge you have gained over the time you’ve been operating?

The importance of planning and being organised has been a huge learning experience for me, helping me maintain the business and deliver quality results to valued customers.

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