Electrical safety in your backyard pool

By March 5, 2020Electrical

While Summer has come to an end, our backyard pools still have plenty of use still left in them before Winter comes around. As such, it is essential to practice electrical safety around our pool at all times.

Electrical dangers in and around the pool can result in electric shock, injury and even death. Check out our simple tips to help avoid electrical danger and enjoy your pool.


Keep electrical equipment away from the pool

While it might seem obvious, water and electricity can be a recipe for disaster. As such, pool owners must take extreme care when electrical equipment is set up in close proximity to the pool area. Equipment that is not designed to operate in water such as televisions or radios can fall into the pool. As a result, these appliances place a current of electricity into the pool. If you touch a metal pool ladder or metal net handle in the energised water, it can cause a person to be electrocuted. It is a good idea to have at least two metres between the electrical equipment and the edge of the pool, to avoid it falling in and creating extreme safety hazards.

Be cautious of pool lights

Underwater lights in the pool are a great aesthetic and functional addition to your pool. However, should they crack or are defectively sealed, the voltage from the light bulb comes into direct contact with the water, putting electrical energy throughout the body of the water. To minimise the potential danger of the pool lights, conduct regular checks for defects. If there seems to be an issue with the lights or wiring, call a licensed electrician to solve the danger straight away.

Avoid extension cords

Never use extension leads, electrical appliances and cords near the pool. It would only take a splash from inside the pool or someone dripping onto the cord to possibly present an electrical danger. It is always a good idea to opt for battery-operated appliances and equipment instead of objects that require a cord to be plugged in. Minimising and even eliminating the use of cords around the pool area will reduce the risk of accidents occurring that could damage the electrical cord with serious consequences.

Be safe during storms

You should never use the pool during a storm. If lightning were to strike in the water, it produces an electric current which is potentially deadly. Furthermore, if the lightning struck the equipment that keeps the pool wired and running, the risk would be just the same. The safest option is to get out of the water if there is a storm, eliminating the danger of electrocution.

If you have any questions about electrical safety in your home and around your pool or would like to know more about installation or maintenance of electrical items, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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