Electrical safety in the workplace

By February 20, 2020Electrical

Although electrical safety is important at any given time and at any given place, it should be treated as an utmost priority in the workplace or office.

electrical safety in the workplaceThere are several different aspects of electrical safety that you need to consider in the workplace. Check out our handy guide below.


Electrical appliances

Any workplace is a host to all kinds of electrical appliances, such as computers, AC systems and kitchen devices. There are a few things to keep in mind when using electrical appliances:

  • Checking appliances regularly for faults
  • Using electrical instruments how they were designed to be used 
  • Ensuring portable equipment has built-in safety switches
  • Buying electrical equipment with approved markings and in accordance to your workplace type. Any item to be used in a high-risk environment should be tested and labelled as safe in accordance with relevant safety standards before it is used.


Powerpoints can easily present a number of risks and as such, are an important consideration. Remember that:

  • Powerpoints should never be overcrowded 
  • Appliances should be unplugged rather than yanked out of the powerpoint
  • When plugging in and unplugging appliances, make sure the plug switch is off
  • Report damaged sockets, and label them as unsafe.
  • All sockets should have safety switches and be adequately labelled.

Powerboards and leads

In order to manage risks associated with power boards and extension leads:

  • All power boards should have overload protection and integrated on/off switches
  • Powerboards must be kept well ventilated, clean and above floor level where possible
  • Extension leads should not be a permanent solution for power distribution and should always be laid safely
  • Cords and leads should be in good condition, heavy-duty and checked for faults before use.

Lighting and heating

There is a number of safety precautions which are relevant to heating and lighting in the workplace. They are:

  • Avoiding the use of unsafe halogen lamps
  • Ventilating fluorescent lights to avoid overheating
  • Switching off lights with any damaged wires
  • Never leaving a workplace unattended when lights or heating are in use. 

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