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Ducted systems

Ducted and multi-split systems are the best options come the time of buying an air conditioner that cools all areas of your property. Each of the above has aspects in which they are better than the other, but in this article, we will focus on explaining everything you need to know about ducted systems.

What are ducted systems?

A ducted system is a type of air conditioning designed to control the temperature of the entire property. Its main unit cools the air and then distributes it through a series of ducts to the different areas of your home or business. In addition, there are reverse cycle ducted systems that allow you to heat your property in the winter and cool it during the summer. These ducted systems can be installed underground, outside your property or on its roof, depending on your needs.

Now, adapting inverters to a ducted system allows it to operate at the speed necessary to maintain a constant temperature in the area, increasing its efficiency in terms of energy consumption. By contrast, ducted systems without inverters continuously perform the on/off cycle to keep the temperature stable, thus consuming more electricity.

Ducted systems: What are their benefits?

Ducted systems have features that can not be compared with any other equipment, and are great for most households. Above all, they are capable of cooling an entire house, creating a constant temperature. You’ll have peace of mind by knowing that wherever you are in the residence, it will be cool and comfortable. However, if you consider energy efficiency and do not intend to cool all rooms, you can “zone” the duct system, that is, you can program it to work only in the rooms you want. For instance, you may want to cool bedrooms at night, and the living room during daylight hours.

Moreover, ducted systems go practically unnoticed because the only visible parts of these devices are their vents, which allow the circulation of cold air through the floor or ceiling. Its components are safely hidden during installation. So you no longer have to find a place to put a wall unit or try to decorate around air conditioning units, as you would with a split system. Also, although they are discreet, they are still easily accessible in case they need repair or maintenance.

Now, ducted systems are not an option for everyone; they can not be easily purchased from the store shelf, so to speak. Conversely, a ducted system must adapt perfectly to the size of your property. For this reason, it is necessary for a Sydney-based air conditioner professional to visit your property and design a custom solution, considering every aspect from the size of the air conditioning unit itself to the number of vents you need, as well as the number of areas to be cooled.

How does a ducted system work?

The ducted system’s fan coil is mainly composed of an internal unit installed on the roof of the house and a series of ducts that reach pre-established areas of the property to keep them cool. From these ducts, each room can be heated or cooled separately, which is called zoning. This is done using the thermostat on the wall, which allows you to select temperature and other settings. The ease of cooling the entire property is evident here, and if you are building a new home or doing major renovations, then a ducted system becomes a viable option.

How much does it cost to install a ducted system in Sydney?

Everything will depend on the size of your property, since the larger it is, the larger will be the required ducted system and it will be necessary to pay more hours to the technician in charge of the installation.

In addition, the price of the installation will vary, among other things, depending on your house’s layout, as well as the material it is made of and the number of people living in it.

Either way, on average, you will have to pay approximately $5,000 to install a ducted system on a small property, up to $10,000 for a one-story three-bedroom home, and so on.

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Does a ducted system consume a lot of electricity?

If we assume that the electricity consumption rate is 35c per kWh, we can expect an expense of between $1.85 per hour to keep your property warm in winter and $3 per hour to keep it cold in summer. This will vary depending on the energy efficiency of your system and the number of rooms you want to cool or heat.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a ducted system?


– Although you can modify the temperature of the entire home, each room can be set up differently if your ducted system has a zoning feature.
– They are quieter than split systems.
– It is the best choice to maintain a uniform temperature throughout the house
– It is very discreet because it is installed behind the ceilings and walls.


– Some homes have space problems that make it impossible to install a ducted system.
– If you only need to cool just one room at a certain time, you will have to pay the energy costs of cooling the entire house (unless you have a ducted system with zoning).
– It is probably the most expensive AC option to install.

How often is it necessary to service a ducted system?

To keep your ducted system running efficiently a qualified technician should service it every 12 months.

What is the useful life of a ducted system?

It depends on the unit brand and model, but, on average, the useful life of a well-cared ducted system should last 20 years. After this period, its effectiveness is reduced, since its components are susceptible to wear or breakage.

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