Busting the Myths About Ducted Air Conditioning

By May 22, 2019Air Conditioning

When it comes to ducted air conditioning, it can be easy to get carried away with myths and assumptions. Family and friends will always have advice to offer, but what really matters is getting the right system working in your home. So let’s take a look at some common myths about ducted air conditioning so you can make the best decision for yourself.
Busting the Myths About Ducted Air Conditioning HunterCON

There’s a lot of assumptions behind ducted air-conditioning, but finding the truth can save you money and keep your home at the perfect temperature all year long. So let’s take a look at some common myths about ducted air conditioning so you can make the best decision for yourself.

Bigger Systems Are Better

When it comes to ducted air conditioning systems, bigger is not necessarily better. A system that is too large for your home will not only cost you a lot more money to run, but could be overkill. Another downfall of a system that is too large is that it may compromise the functioning of the thermostat, which should be optimised to switch on and off when needed. A bigger system will cause a shorter cycle, increasing wear on the unit. It’s important to talk to a ducted air conditioning specialist, as they can take appropriate measurements to find the size most suited for your home.

Ducted Air Conditioners Use a lot of Energy

There’s no way around it, all air conditioning units use energy, however, modern manufacturers realise that consumers desire efficiency to save on bills and reduce their environmental impact. Companys are constantly developing new technology that increases the efficiency and performance of their ducted systems. If your system is starting to get old, you might be amazed at the energy you could save by installing a new system.

Setting Air Conditioning on Max Cools the Room Faster

Admit it, you’ve tried this one. Maybe it was that 40-degree day last summer and your first thought was to crank your air con system to the max. What you probably didn’t know is that ducted air conditioners cool at the same rate, regardless of the thermostat setting. If you set the temperature lower, it will just keep working until it reaches the desired temperature, which might be too cold and will end up costing you unnecessary amounts of energy. Instead, consider investing in a smart thermostat with a timer, which can set your house to a comfortable temperature before you get home.

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems Are Inefficient Because of Leaks

People assume that because ductless systems do not have ductwork, they are more efficient as there is no chance that air leaks can compromise the system. This myth is only based on poorly installed or maintained ducted air conditioning systems, and in fact, ducted systems are far more efficient at maintaining the temperature of a whole house.

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