Ambient, task and accent lighting

By May 15, 2020Electrical

While you might not have given it too much thought, the lighting in and around your home plays a significant role in achieving its overall look and feel.

ambient, task, accent lighting
Lighting experts utilise ambient lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting to create the perfect atmosphere in rooms, as well as indoor and outdoor living areas. But, what’s the difference between each type and why should it matter to you?


Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is also considered as general, or overall lighting, serving as the main source of light within a certain space. Ambient lighting is the quickest and easiest type of lighting to achieve. Basic lighting fixtures can be used, such as a simple ceiling-fixed bulb. However, ambient lighting doesn’t have to be boring. Chandeliers, recessed lights and track lights may also be used to bring light and life into your home

Task lighting 

Once you have a general source of light, you can then add task lighting. Task lighting refers to any additional sources of light, which can help you better accomplish a specific activity. Choosing the right task lighting is much harder than choosing ambient lighting, as you need to consider how the two will work together. When deciding on task lighting, it is important to take the level of illuminance and contrast into thought. A poorly positioned task light can end up for the worse by reducing contrast and visibility. Examples of task lighting include lamps, motion-activated lights and vanity lights.

Accent lighting

Now that you have your main source of light, as well as light sources which will help you complete specific tasks, you need to add some atmosphere. That is where accent lighting comes in. Accent lighting is used for a number of aesthetic reasons, including highlighting certain aspects of your home such as furniture and artworks or bringing attention away from parts of a home which are not pleasing to the eye. Examples of this include spotlights, fairy lights, candles, dimmable lights, as well as lighting inside cupboards and display cabinets.

Choosing the right lighting combination

When choosing lighting for your home, make sure you consider all three types of lighting: ambient, task and accent. When it comes to task lighting, consider what types of lighting could help make your life easier. After that choose accent lighting which compliments your favourite features and creates a well-suited atmosphere in your home.

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