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Air Conditioning Installation Sydney

You may be determined to install an air conditioner in Sydney but you need to know what kind of person can carry out such an installation, what are the consequences of a person not authorized by law carrying out the said installation, what questions to ask someone to know if they are truly a professional air conditioner installer, the costs of installing this equipment depending on the type in question, and much more.

Below we answer these and other questions so that you can make the best decision when hiring the professional who will install the air conditioning unit of your choice in your home or business located in Sydney.

Air conditioning Installation Sydney: Do you need to hire a professional to install an air conditioner in Sydney?

In the vast majority of cases, yes it is necessary to hire an a Sydney-based aircon professionals. The only AC-related job that a person who does not have a license to operate air conditioning equipment can do in Sydney is to connect a single-phase air conditioner to a powerpoint. However, to install any other types of air conditioner you will need to hire an ARC-tick-approved NSW-Fair-Trading-licensed professional.

Only in this way can your home insurance policy cover you against the occurrence of any damage caused during the installation of an air conditioner in Sydney.

In any case, only a certified and licensed aircon professional can install, repair and service the following types of air conditioners:

Split systems
Multi-split systems
Ducted systems

What kind of questions should you ask the professional who is going to install your air conditioner in Sydney?

In order to know if the installation of an air conditioner will be carried out by an expert, ask them the following questions before hiring them:

– Do they have an NSW Fair Trading License and are they approved by the Australian Refrigeration Council?

This is the minimum that any self-proclaimed professional AC in Sydney installer should meet. If they do not meet this requirement, it is better that you do not hire them.

-Do they have insurance?

Having a license usually implies being insured, but it is worth asking.

-What does the installation service include?

In this sense, ask them if you should buy the materials yourself or are already included in the installation? Do they offer a guarantee? In case they do, for how long and what does it cover?

-What other services do they offer?

Normally, those who have a license to install air conditioners offer other types of services such as an electrician, plumber, etc. This information can be useful to know if it can do the type of installation you require.

-What are their fees?

This is particularly important so that you do not have surprises when it comes to paying for the installation of your air conditioner.

If you want our Sydney-based team of professional air conditioning installers to answer these or any other questions, please call us at 02 8283 1105.

Can an air conditioner be installed sideways?

An AC can be placed on its side only for portability and storage, but it is not recommended that it be turned on in such a position.

What are the factors that increase the cost of installing an air conditioner?

✔ AC unit model and size.
✔ Ease of access to the place where the installation will take place.
✔ Potential meter board upgrade.
✔ Amount of cable ducting, interconnecting cable, and refrigeration piping.

Air conditioning Installation Sydney: How much do AC installers charge in Sydney?

Aircon installers rate will depend, among other things, on the particularities of your home or business, the type of AC and the number of units to install. In Sydney, professional aircon installers charge an average of $90 and $120 per hour for residential and commercial AC installation, respectively.

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What is the best place to install a split system in a house?

In the bedrooms, each split should be located in a place where the air does not flow directly to the beds. Now, for the rest of the areas, it is recommended that each unit be placed in the centre of each of these areas in order to provide an equitable airflow to all of them.

What is a back-to-back installation anyway?

It is a way of installing wall-mounted split systems in which the distance between the indoor and outdoor is the smallest possible since they are installed on the same wall and in the same place, but each one facing opposite sides. It is as if they are leaning on each other, except that they are divided by a wall.

Naturally, since the appliances are close together, fewer pipes, drains and cables are used than in any other type of installation, making this one the most economical there is.

Another way to save costs when installing an AC is the so-called side-to-back installation, in which the indoor unit is installed in an upper corner of the room and the compressor, outside the property, just like in a back-to-back installation, but on the floor and perpendicular to the indoor unit.

Both back-to-back and side-to-back installations allow the water produced by the internal unit to flow towards the external unit so that the latter expels it.

How long does it take to install a split system?

If the installation takes place in an area where no other air conditioner has been placed, setting up the new unit may take 4-8 hours. Otherwise, the installation could take a full day.

Air conditioning Installation Sydney: Which company should I hire to get Air Conditioning installed in my Sydney-based home or business?

Hire HunterCON Air so that you have total assurance that the installation of your air conditioning in Sydney will be done by the best professionals in the area. Among other things, HunterCON Air offers you:

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