Accent lighting is a unique design element that can highlight certain features of your home, as well as create ambient room lighting during the evenings. It’s an addition that can bring attention to the special attributes of your home while creating a warm homely atmosphere.

Accent lighting can bring out a room’s best features and can help your home to tell a story. If you’ve been considering accent lighting for your home here’s a guide to get you started.


Why Accent Lighting?

At nighttime, human eyes adjust and adapt to low levels. Human vision is very perceptive and dynamic and can shift with the overall brightness of the space. For this reason, it’s not necessary to try to attempt to replicate daytime lighting in the evening, your eyes are built to adapt.

Human eyes have evolved to be attracted to bright objects, it’s an adaptation that’s intended to help people find objects of interest and potential reward. Highlighting something substantially above the ambient light level can draw attention to key spaces within a room such as an artwork or sculpture, or something more practical like a strategically placed reading lamp. Selecting a few lights in the right space can be all a room needs, which will save you money over ceiling lights, and meanwhile, you’ve created a unique ambience in your home.

Where Should I Install Accent Lights

When it comes to accent lighting, you can get as creative as you please. It’s important to think about your favourite parts of the house or places that could do with a little bit of extra attention. Start by having a walk through each room of your home, carefully thinking about the best features in each. Here are some ideas to get you thinking creatively:

• Ornament lights are great for highlighting your favourite object. It could be a sculpture, water feature or a nice healthy plant, but adding a bit of extra light will help it get the recognition it deserves.

• Picture lights come in many different forms, however, they all share the purpose of drawing attention to a painting and can give your room the feeling of an art gallery.

• Feature wall lights can add a lot of illumination to a space. Whether your wall sports a special design feature or a vintage tapestry, casting some light on the surface can create a mood-setting glow.

• Furniture lights can help to highlight a specific piece of furniture. It’s great for drawing attention to a vintage piece.

• Reading lamps can be placed on desks for specific purposes such as study, or on side tables near a couch, where they’ll come in handy when you’re getting immersed in a book.

• Stairway or walkway lights are a great way to light up an area of your home that might otherwise be hard to see or even hazardous.

Types of Accent Lighting

There are many different types of Accent Lighting and each is suitable for highlighting different situations and different amounts of light. Here are some common types:

• Sconces are lights that use only the wall for support. Most often they point light upwards and traditionally have held torches, candles or gas lights, however, modern sconces sport electric lights.

• Floodlights are high-intensity lights usually used outdoors in low light conditions.

• Recessed Lights are installed into hollow openings in a ceiling and concentrate light downwards in a broad spotlight fashion.

• Torchères are lights that sit upon a tall stand. They are often ornate and traditionally held candles.

• Lamps sit on a stand and come in many shapes and sizes and have the benefit of portability.

• Track Lighting is a series of lights that are attached to a continuous track containing electrical conductors.

• Spotlights shine a concentrated beam and are good for illuminating small but specific areas.

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