4 Tips to Help You Hire a Good Electrician

By January 10, 2019Electrical

Your home’s electrics are important, so when it comes time hire an electrician, you need to find the right person for the job. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small repair or a major extension, getting the job done right will mean all work is completed safely and accurately, and you won’t have to worry about asking for a second call out.
4 Tips Good Electrician

It’s important to feel comfortable about the electrician you plan on hiring and there are a few measures you can take to be confident that your house is receiving the right electrical treatment.


Do Your Research

There are a few things you can research so that you can make sure that you are prepared to find the right person for the right job. You don’t have to be an expert, however, learning a little about the job and cost of the parts will help you to better deal with the electrician.

It’s also a good idea to do a bit of a background check on any electrician you plan on calling. There may be references and reviews online that could give you a bit of an idea of the job you can expect.

Obtain a Quote

Before any electrical work begins, it is a must that you receive a quote and agree on a price. It’s not abnormal to receive numerous quotes from different electricians to compare prices.

Any business or contractor that pressures you to take the quote, start work early or don’t agree to you obtaining other quotes should not be trusted, as they do not have your best interests in mind. Some electricians may even offer discounts to new customers in order to engage them long-term business, so be sure to shop around.

Insurance and Licensing

It is crucial that the electrician that you hire has the appropriate insurance and licensing to carry out the work that needs doing. Electrical work is risky business and complications can mean damage to persons, as well as your own property, with extensive financial and legal ramifications.

Contractors should willingly provide you with the required details and if the electrician is part of a larger company it should be easy to check by calling the business and give yourself peace of mind.

Time Management

Time management is the sign of a skilled practitioner and is essential for electricians to complete their work in a given time frame. An electrician should provide a detailed timeline, along with an estimation of the cost of the job.

Like most things in life, the process may require a bit of adjustment, however, as you will be the employer, you need to factor in the timeframe and labour costs so that the project progresses to and continues to fit within your budget.

A good electrician should be able to keep you updated on the progress of the project every step of the way and stick to set goals and milestones, so make sure they have a good plan upfront.

If you have questions about hiring an electrician or would like to know more about installation, maintenance, or other electrical work, don’t hesitate to get in touch with HunterCON today. We pride ourselves on providing fast and efficient service of the highest quality.

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